The last two years have been an epic trip. I have been driving overland trucks from Cairo to Capetown and from Rio de Janeiro to Quito.

Travelling in an overland truck makes the journey a different experience. Overlanding is all about places less travelled and getting out in the wilderness. The overland truck gives you the opportunity to camp in remote places as we do have everything on board: tents, kitchen, some water and of course some camp chairs and firewood for a great evening at the campfire!

An overland truck sitting in the middle of Samburo Village in Northern Kenya

Driving overland trucks and leading adventure tours gave me the opportunity to see some very different parts of the world. Not only I have seen the famous spots like Victoria Falls, lions in the Serengeti, pyramids in Egypt, the sugar loaf in Rio de Janeiro, Igazu Falls and Machu Picchu, I also have been bushcamping in the Sudan desert, repaired my truck in “workshops” in Africa and South America, have been invited for lunch or coffee by so many locals who have been helping me out finding spare parts or showing directions and stayed overnight with local tribes like the Samburos in Northern Kenya or with families in Bolivia in their small villages.

Tribes in the Omo Valley (Ethiopia) curiously looking at our overland truck

A truck gives you a different way of travelling and I love it so much that I started to build my own truck. I met someone while working in Africa with the same urge to travel and see the world. So we decided to take an old yellow school bus and remodel it into our own overland vehicle. We will be offering trips in Alaska and the Western US, out in the National Parks, hiking, mountainbiking, kayaking and, hopefully, seeing some amazing wildlife.

Check it out so far!

We have been building a viewing platform on top of our truck. We will be carrying tents and gear on top but it will also serve as a platform to hang out in the National Parks, take some great photos and maybe even look at some bears or a moose.

Just imagine the sunsets

There is plenty of storage for kitchen gear, luggage and also some tools for me; you never know if you have to repair something. I love taking care of my truck and I always say: If you look after your truck it will look after you, too

So we are almost there and lot’s of remodeling has been done. There are still some things to do. Among many little things the tyres have to be changed, the speakers have to be fitted for some great tunes and some tables have to be built for playing cards or writing in your journal during the ride…

Join me on my adventures!

So what are you waiting for?