Being a Helicopter Pilot involves making decision after decision that impacts your life and the lives of everyone on board. Being in control at all times means being able to react to any situation or emergency that may arise. Well, thankfully I had none of those responsibilities when I was being flown around London .

As I sat in the back of someone’s VIP kitted helicopter, I decided to just relax, and enjoy the view of The Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Millennium dome, Buckingham Palace in the distance. Just London at its best during Summer. For once I was able to just stare out the window and enjoy the view with my two very competent Pilots up front with all the responsibility. I felt like a Princess, having all the seats to myself!!

That Summer I also travelled to Paris. Having a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower from my hotel room was divine. Exploring the streets of Paris, finally seeing the Mona Lisa, and wandering the Palace of Versailles made for a great vacation. But I got a huge surprise that made it all the more amazing. It is true that sometimes the best things in life are not planned!!

My fiancé was to be sent to Sardinia for work and I, of course, chose to tag along!! Free vacation anyone? Sardinia was so different from any other place that I had ever been to. The relaxed vibe and beaches reminded me of the Caribbean but it was most definitely European. Being able to get freshly made spaghetti aglio olio near the beach is my idea of heaven!! The fresh seafood made to order was a welcome change as well.

My adventure did not end there though! Of course, it would have made for a great summer if it had.

The most beautiful house in Provance!!
The most beautiful house in Provence!!

Next, we were to fly the helicopter to Cannes. On our way, I sat up front as we flew over Marseilles and the Alps to a spectacular farm house in Provence. I cannot describe enough how beautiful this house was, the picture perfect postcard from the South Of France. Having a breakfast of freshly baked croissants in the sunshine was divine!!

Onward and upward we went!! Landing in Cannes in the late evening we put the helicopter to bed and made our way to the hotel.

My only knowledge of Cannes was of course the Cannes Film Festival. Although it was festival free at the time I was there, it was still packed.

It is a beautiful town and we spent hours getting lost in its winding cobblestone streets and exploring the phenomenon that is Cannes. All the beautiful people were out and the stores of Chanel and Prada were certainly a draw. Much of our time was spent lounging on the beach and enjoying the French sun!!

Soon it was time to set off again, back to the UK. The white face of the the Cliffs of Dover were a welcome sight after a long but glorious summer. As we set down for the final time I reflected on the fact that nothing had been planned this time but it was definitely for the best!!