[Nav.It] A Wanderful Journey of Travel Entrepreneurship

Beth Santos Founder and CEO of Wanderful

Meet Beth Santos. Beth is the CEO and Founder of Wanderful, an international community of women who love to travel and want to help other women explore the world. Wanderful hosts annual events like the Women in Travel Summit, provides a home-sharing network for women, and has chapters around the world (and that’s only a part of what they do). In this episode, Beth shares why she started Wanderful, what it offers women travelers, and the challenges and best parts of her entrepreneurial journey as she’s grown her business.

Continue on to listen to’s podcast interview with Wanderful founder, Beth Santos.

Wanderful Team
We are the Wanderful Team, helping connect women travelers everywhere. Join our international membership community of globally-minded women to connect, learn, share, and celebrate! Visit

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