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Go Girl is going on its own adventures!! We, as you can see, are now located at the very cozy! We love the spot and hope you do, too.

And with the new home, we also have some fabulous new writers! Let’s welcome Lakia, Anna and Wendy to the Go Girl Team!

Lakia lives, breathes, and sleeps learning of other languages, cultures, and nationalities; she has lived and studied abroad at La Universidad de Guanajuato in Mexico. Although, right now, she only travels within the United States (she is working on her Doctorate degree) she still has vivid memories and experiences about her travels abroad.   From how to apply for a visa to what not to wear, she gives her readers advice, tips, and suggestions on how to have fun and safe travels. You can also check out more of her writings at:

Born in Thailand to a hitchhiking, hippie father and a mother who traveled to places she read about, Anna has the traveling gene in her blood.  By the time she was three, she had been to Egypt and Saudi Arabia before moving to Southern California.  She has trekked across the US, Europe, and been to various cities in Mexico, Canada, China, and of course Thailand.  With an interest and degrees in Environmental Science, Anna hopes to experience all the beauty and wonder our world has to offer while understanding that there is a delicate balance it also sits on.  She used to reside in the San Francisco Bay Area until she decided to follow her gut and just go!  Her travels to Australia begin early February.  Watch for her biweekly postings at Go Girl starting February 2010 or catch up with her at

Admittedly a bit green when it comes to travel, Wendy is ready to change that in a big way. Only dabbling in exploration in her life so far, visiting Italy, Mexico, St. Lucia, and everywhere up and down the East Coast, she and her husband are planning the ultimate American Road Trip. Starting in early 2010, they will camp and drive cross-country to the West Coast, working their way from New Mexico to Washington State and everywhere in between. Join them on this year-long journey as they make mistakes, work on organic farms, meet different people, experience things for the first time, and learn about themselves. All with 2 dogs in tow!

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