New Orleans. What do you think of when you hear that city’s name?

Is it Mardi Gras? Does your mind immediately conjure images of Bourbon Street? Do you think of parade floats, of feathers, of crowds of people with purple/green/gold beads strung around their necks? Of lots and lots of alcohol?

Probably. And you’re not wrong for it. Mardi Gras and New Orleans go hand-in-hand.

But — and it may sound like a cliché — New Orleans has so much to offer beyond Mardi Gras.

This city is overflowing with decadent food, kaleidoscopes of color, euphoric sounds, and an immense amount of fun. It’s your prerogative if you’re only going to party, but you’ll be missing out on so much if that’s all you have in mind for your trip.

Ready to get your trip started? Check out reason #6 for an amazing opportunity to go with some Wanderful sisters!

1. The Colors

And the architecture. But especially the colors.

2. The Beignets

JUST LOOK AT THOSE. Fried hunks of sugar-coated heaven.

3. The Music

“The music in Nola isn’t just in the jazz clubs. It’s everywhere.”

4. The History

Spooky, sad, fun, and beyond. It’s got it all.

5. The Vibes

They don’t call it “The Big Easy” for nothing.

6. The Sisterhood

Did you know that Wanderful is organizing a festival in New Orleans?

Get all of the above plus an incredible weekend shared with like-minded women who love to travel. Wanderfest is the world’s first outdoor travel festival for women to gather, share, learn, dance, and celebrate the sisterhood.

Promo graphic for Wanderfest by Wanderful happening in New Orleans in March 2022

Will we see you there??

Get connected with our global community and learn more about Wanderfest.

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