Picturesque Oregon: A trek through Multnomah Falls 

Beth hikes to Multnomah Falls. Photo by Beth Santos of Wanderful.

Last week, we hiked through the amazing sights of the Pacific Northwest on an unforgettable trip sponsored by Corning Incorporated, known for their incredible Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The glass is found on a number of mobile devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, which we used exclusively on our trip.

Our mission: to share the amazing wonders of the Pacific Northwest, and to see if we could capture it all using only a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. You’ll have to see for yourselves if we did the gorgeous region justice.

Multnomah Falls

On day 2 of our trip, we hiked to the top of the ever-so-green Multnomah Falls.

On the way, we stopped at the Crown Point Vista House, an architecturally fascinating viewing point built in 1916 with a view like nothing we’d ever seen before. The building was originally built as a “comfort station” for travelers along the new Columbia River Highway.

The Vista House on the Columbia River in Oregon. Photo by Beth Santos of Wanderful.

Adorned with Alaskan marble and the busts of four unknown Native American people, it paid homage to the great Columbia Gorge and served as “the finishing achievement for the greatest highway in America,” according to the Oregonian.

View from the Vista House on the Columbia River in Oregon. Photo by Beth Santos of Wanderful.

View from the Vista House on the Columbia River in Oregon. Photo by Beth Santos of Wanderful.

Views from the vantage point of the Vista House, taken on a Samsung Galaxy S6

Multnomah Falls is a beautiful 611-foot waterfall on the Columbia River Gorge split into two sections. If you haven’t been to Multnomah Falls, the impressive waterfall is a not-to-miss. Even on a Wednesday afternoon the place was bustling with families, couples, and joggers with their dogs. The 2.5 mile path involves 11 switchbacks that zig-zag their way to the top, leaving you with a “tough drop” that isn’t playing around (if you noticed, this whole week is focused on “tough drops” as Gorilla Glass 4 is the toughest cover glass yet, performing up to 2x better than competitive glass designs in devices dropped from 3 feet high).

Beautiful Multnomah Falls. Photo by Beth Santos of Wanderful.

Beautiful Multnomah Falls. Photo by Beth Santos of Wanderful.

A view from the top of Multnomah Falls. A real “tough drop”!

Don’t forget to dine

Photo by Beth Santos of Wanderful

Only because we were entirely famished, we went off-schedule and decided to eat in the restaurant tucked next to Multnomah Falls, located in a grand stone mansion. We were so glad we did – the sloped glass ceilings gave way to a rich green view of the surrounding landscape, and was the perfect place to take in some of the beauty of Oregon.

Tiny towns

The Deschutes River in Oregon. Photo by Beth Santos of Wanderful.

In the evening, we settled in the itsy-bitsy town of Maupin, Oregon, where the population is just over 400 people. The town lays along the riverbanks of the Deschutes River, deep within rural wine country, and is peppered with postage stamp houses, a teensy library and exactly one coffee shop. If you love a place with heart like I do, you will adore what Maupin has to offer (which is not much, but what it does offer, it offers with love).

What tomorrow brings

Tomorrow is another busy day, as we’ll be sharing our adventure along the Painted Hills, one of Oregon’s most famous natural wonders.

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Note: This blog post was sponsored by Corning Incorporated. However, all opinions are our own and we stand by them! Click here for our full disclosure statement.


Beth Santos
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