Spanning five continents and the creative imaginations of some of your favorite Go Girl writers, here a list of place we would like to visit this year (any of your own to add to our list?):

1. West Quoddy Head, Maine. Sounds a little random right? But it is the easternmost point on the U.S. mainland (and the closest point to Africa from a point in the fifty States) and after visiting the southernmost point of Africa last year I wanted to add some more “extreme points” to my travels. There’s not too much to do there, but there is a historic lighthouse to visit.

– Jess

2. I want to go to Nepal. Something about it has made me so interested in Nepal lately and I know absolutely nothing about the country. I see: beautiful mountains, architecture I’ve never experienced in my life, and some delicious tea. Not to mention a thriving OLPC program!

3. Madrid is also on my list. My cousin is getting married there in August. I’ve never been to “Spain that calls itself Spain” (ie, I’ve been to Barcelona and other places in Catalunya only). Would love to eat tapas, watch/dance flamenco, and take in a Madrid sunset with a good bottle of wine.

-Beth Santos, Editor

4. Dream:  Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania, Africa.  My dad and I have talked a lot about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and I hope we can accomplish it together.

5. More Realistic: Ubud, Bali with Seva Yoga.  Seva is one of my favorite yoga studios (located in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan) and they do amazing retreats that I would love to save pennies up for!


6. Bulgaria.  I think Eastern Europe is too often overlooked when it comes to traveling, despite it’s rich culture, amazing food and hospitable hosts.  Bulgaria is also awesome because it has mountains, the Black Sea, several big cities and is nestled between a cluster of countries (like Turkey and Greece) which makes it a great place to visit before continuing your journey elsewhere.  I’m happy to be heading there in April!

7. Less realistically: Iran.  I’m obsessed with Middle Eastern architecture, and in my humble opinion, Iran has some of the most beautiful mosques in the world.  I would also like to see the Middle East for myself and get to know the people who live their, as I don’t really trust our media to speak for the people of the world.  I don’t think I could realistically travel there for a whole host of reasons, including (I’m a little embarrassed to admit) worries about how safe it would be for an American woman to travel to Iran alone…


8. Peru: I have yet to visit South America and long to experience a full continent of Spanish speakers.  There is also this sense of adventure that Peru exudes that I would love to be a part of in the form of hiking, rafting and high altitude running.  I might even do my very first, legitimate solo trip.

9. Puerto Rico: I spent a year studying Puerto Rican music and poetry in college, a year abroad in Spain to learn Spanish, and earned a major in the language all so that I could feel a little bit closer to a culture that I have always claimed as my own.  So now it is time to visit the mother-island and really get the boricua into my bones.

-Megan, Assistant Editor