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Wanderful Women’s Travel Guide to Reykjavik, Iceland

Image of Reykjavik and the waterline from the sky - tips for planning a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, from Wanderful
Plan a trip to Reykjavik in Iceland

Start here to plan a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland. This comprehensive guide offers resources from a variety of travel experts & influencers!

Reykjavik is located along the coast of Iceland. It is the country’s capital as well as its largest city. When visiting the area you’ll never run out of things to do.

Whether it be trying some of the different local foods or going glacier hiking, there are tons of cultural and recreational activities to partake in. 

Not only is Reykjavik a city filled with tons of cultural and older influences, it is also a city known for its picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views. From icy glaciers, to grassy hillsides, to calming lakeviews, Reykjavik can offer you priceless views of nature and wildlife. 

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What to See and Do in Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the perfect place to visit if you want adventure coupled with picturesque landscapes. Everywhere you go, the area is both scenic and peaceful, so don’t forget your camera when you’re packing to visit the incredible city!

Get Inspired to Plan a Trip to Reykjavik:

Need some inspiration for your trip to Reykjavik? Carolyn has a list of 5 bucket list sights to see while visiting.

Still need some convincing to travel to Iceland? Kiersten has 10 reasons why you need to visit.

Natasha has a very comprehensive guide for first timers!

Better yet, Gemma thinks you should plan an Iceland honeymoon!

Can’t get enough and just want to move to Iceland already? You should check out Kiersten’s guide that covers just how, when, and where to move to in Reykjavik

Jess and Stephen have a few suggestions for things you must do while in Iceland:

Get Ready for Your Trip to Reykjavik:

Things to Do in the City:

A person in a red coat in the distance in front of a tall waterfall amidst a snowy, white landscape. | Plan a trip to Iceland with these tips from Wanderful
Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

Traveling Outside of Reykjavik:

All About the Blue Lagoon:

  • A popular reason people visit Iceland is the amazing Blue Lagoon, Leanne has lots of information on day trips from Reykjavik.
  • Monica has an in-depth blog all about the Blue Lagoon!
  • If you want to spend the day at the Blue Lagoon, Fatima has a guide for you detailing just what you can do there, when you can go, and more. 
Image of people in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland from Wanderlust and Life
Image credit Lizzie of Wanderlust and Life

Finally, Jewells has a video about all the things you shouldn’t do on a trip to Iceland!

Listen: Music, Arts, & Events in Reykjavik

Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland is one of the most famous natural shows the area has to offer. But there are plenty of other celebrations and events that make Reykjavik an irresistible destination!

When you plan a trip to Iceland, you might want to plan around these special events for a unique experience.

Facade of old Lutheran church against cloudy sky in Reykjavik, Iceland
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Wanderful Recommendations for Music & Events in Reykjavik:

If you find yourself in Iceland in the spring, snowboarding and glacier walking are activities that are very popular during that time of year.

Going to see the famous northern lights? Fatima has a guide just for you covering what it’s all about. 

If you find yourself in Reykjavik for New Year’s you’re in luck. Kiersten details why it’s one of the best places to be during the turn of the year. 

Nina has some great suggestions for music festivals to attend in the in the summer!

Are you a big Game of Thrones fan? Sonja can help you visit film locations in Iceland!

Listen to Jewells’ podcast called All Things Iceland to learn about Icelandic festivals and celebrations. She also shares plenty of tips

Taste of Reykjavik: What to Eat and Drink 

Reykjavik is known for its diverse and unique nutritional options. When you visit Iceland, you’ll have many choices from Reyjkavik’s hot dogs to fermented options galore. Your taste buds will never be bored!

Wanderful Recommendations for Food & Drink in Reykjavik:

Kiersten from the Blonde Abroad has a guide with all the best food spots to grab a bite around town

Enjoy some street food like a local!

If you want to save money as you plan a trip to Reykjavik, Natasha has you covered with places to eat in Reykjavik on a budget.

Interested in unusual and bizarre foods? Laura and Nick have a guide on what to order!

Lea has some interesting insights on the famous Reykjavik Food Walk, go check them out!

Nanna has a list of Reykjavik’s best cocktails!

Jess and Stephen from Flying the Nest have a video exploring all kinds of different foods you can eat while in Iceland:

Understand: History, Culture, and Going Beyond the Tourist Track in Reykjavik

Iceland’s history can be explored and understood in words, actions, and imagery. Be sure to check out some of these tours that are off the beaten path when looking to learn more about the culture and society surrounding Reykjavik. 

Wanderful Recommendations for Learning About Reykjavik:

Connecting with locals who love their area is always a great way to learn more!

Get inspired with Ása’s Instagram and be sure to check out her VanLife Iceland IG, too!

Check out Auður’s Instagram for inspiration and views of daily life in Iceland. 

Jewells has a fantastic podcast called All Things Iceland and a YouTube channel to match. She shares countless tips and insights into living and traveling in Iceland. Be sure to check her out!

Connect: Meet Wanderful Women in Reykjavik

Wanderful doesn’t currently have a local chapter in Iceland, but you can always get more travel tips for planning a trip to Iceland from our membership community around the world!

Learn more about membership right here. And check out where we do have local chapters to find one near you.

Other Resources for Planning a Trip to Reykjavik

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