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I was watching the movie, PS I love you last night, and became absolutely fascinated with Ireland. The main character’s husband was from there and she went to visit the country after he died. If you haven’t seen the movie, I would highly recommend, it was really good (and the book is pretty good so far too). Anywho, the scenery was so beautiful and majestic and I really, really would like to go there some time for just a short visit.

I was never really interested in Ireland before, always Spanish speaking countries, so I did my research and found so many things about the country. Of course, I found so many good things, but will share with you some things that I found most interesting. Here goes…

Fun Facts about the Country:

  • It’s the 3rd largest island in Europe
  • 20th largest island in the World
  • Estimated population of about 6.2 million
  • Slightly larger than West Virginia
  • They have 17 airports

Top Tourist Attractions (some of them):

Cahir Castle

  • Until the 16th C. Cahir Castle (National Monument) was one of the largest castles in Ireland. After a long and eventful history of destructions and rebuildings the castle was restored in 1970 and now houses a small museum.The castle consists of a massive three-story keep and a great hall, with two spacious wards or courts, all enclosed within strong high outer walls, reinforced by round and rectangular towers.

Drombeg Stone Circle

    • On a hill just off the road to Glandore (R597) can be found the Drombeg Stone Circle (National Monument) of 17 stones, which dates from about the beginning of the Christian era. In the center of the circle were found the burned remains of a human body, and a short distance to the west the remains of two round huts; these have been dated to the second-fourth century A.D. It is probable that the erstwhile inhabitants did not live here but hunted in the vicinity.

Shannon River Cruising

    • A leisurely cruise along the peaceful waters of the Shannon is one of the great holiday pleasures that Ireland can offer.
    • Lough Corrib
      • The scenery of Lough Corrib is of striking beauty. Round the green shores of the lough, with their clumps of trees and expanses of pastureland, are countless little bays, promontories and peninsulas, reaching out to the tiny islets which form a kind of continuation of the land. To the east of Lough Corrib is low-lying country, to the west are hills, and on the horizon to the north are the mountains of Connemara.

Overall, these were some of the many things that I was able to find about the country. I hope I get to see and experience the culture verrrry soon. Until then, I’ll just be dreaming…

Has anyone gone to Ireland before? Please share your experiences.

Safe travels.

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