As I am taking a road trip this weekend, I know that I have to mentally prepare for the long haul; my mind has to be ready to endure the same scenery for over four hours.  I have taken this trip before, almost two years ago, so I pretty much know what to expect in terms of expenses.  I also know that while I’m preparing my mind, I too have to prepare my car for the journey as well. I have to make sure there are no hiccups en route to my destination; I need to get there safe and sound.

Below, I compiled a list of things that I have kept in the forefront of my mind before I leave for my road trip! Please, use these as resources to help guide your trip down the road.

  • Make sure you have your oil changed
  • Tires should have air put in them and/or rotated and checked for anything serious
  • Windshield wiper fluid (since its winter, never know how much snow you’ll get and/or rain)
  • GAS! (The tank should be filled up, can’t run out of gas on the highway)
  • Credit/ Debit cards (You need to have your credit card, in case of an emergency, and your debit card to eat, get gas, etc.)
  • Headlights checked (Traveling on the road at night, you will need to have your lights on because you can and will get pulled over if they’re blown out)

The process of traveling can be very intense and expensive at times, but getting to your destination is well worth it. When going on your next trip, make sure you have the essentials packed up and squared away before leaving.  You definitely don’t want to get all the way there and notice that you need new bulbs, oil is leaking, and/or you left your debit cards. Trust me, I know what this feels like, it puts a damper on your entire trip!

Safe travels!