Rock-climbing in pictures

Some of the best women in the east crushing at a national bouldering competition (Coyote Rock Gym - Ottawa, ON, Canada)

When you're starting out, or you can't get on the real thing, an indoor rock gym is a must (Vertige Escalade - Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

A gym workout - almost as good as the real thing... (Vertige Escalade - Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

Working out the beta (mouvement sequence) for a route... friends are easily made this way in a gym (Vertige Escalade - Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

Finally outside, getting gear ready to head up the wall (Rumney, NH, USA)

Sharing the cliffs - the climbing community is an ever-friendly and helpful bunch (Rumney, NH, USA)

Mother Nature's cooperation is obviously a necessity; menacing stormclouds cut short many a days at the crags (Lac Larouche, QC, Canada)

No climber succeeds alone; (s)he depends on a proper belay (Rumney, NH, USA)

They may not look like a supermodel's legs, all bruised and cut, but they defied gravity... and that's pretty badass

Speaking of which, whoever says gravity is a fact is lying... (Red River Gorge, KY, USA)

Women crushing at the crags - is there anything more beautiful? (Red River Gorge, KY, USA)

After a long day of climbing, laughing around a campfire with some beers relieves sore muscles like no massage ever will

Some of the best women in the east crushing at a national bouldering competition (Coyote Rock Gym - Ottawa, ON, Canada)





Nathalie Couet
With a French-Polish mother and a Québecois father, Nathalie has always been fully aware and grateful of the fact that she is a citizen of the world. Born in the United States, Nathalie moved to the United Kingdom at six months, only to return to the U.S. at the age of three. After high school, Nathalie moved to Montréal, Québec to complete a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology/Archaeology/African Studies. Forever in love with writing, the outdoors, and photography, Nathalie spent several years as a freelance sports photographer and writer. A deep love of science brought her back to her roots, and she now works in communications for a software company. (She has long said that tech geeks are her spirit animal…and now she spends her days with them.) Suffering from self-diagnosed wanderlust since she was a little girl, Nathalie has been fortunate enough to visit most of the U.S. states, several Canadian provinces, and a dozen countries over three continents. As an adventure junky and an avid rock-climber, Nathalie now travels whenever and wherever she can, writing, climbing, and eating everything she can along the way.

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