New Year’s Resolution. Somehow this three word phrase has become a four letter word. At the gym, we complain about the “resolutioners” and how they’re taking our machines and crowding our stretching areas. Somewhere there’s a woman pinching pennies right now because she swore she would get out of debt in 2013. Someone else is covertly looking for a job when her boss’ back is turned because she’s determined to get out of her dead end job.

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The problem with resolutions, though, and the reason they’ve becoming quite taboo is this: they usually don’t last. You hit February 1st and you’re back to your old ways – too many cookies and chips, buying a new pair of shoes, languishing in a job you hate. It’s a vicious cycle, and 2013 is yet another year where the same thing is going to happen, right? WRONG!

Our friends over at Career Girl Network have put together your tools to ensure your resolution stops being a dirty word and starts empowering you to manifest the life you love in your personal and professional personas. “Rock the Resolution” is a one-day intensive conference that tackles everything from goal setting to financial fitness, networking and productivity, to give you the tools you need to ROCK 2013.

Because Career Girl Network loves Go Girls, they’re giving everyone on Go Girl an opportunity to attend the online conference for a huge discount. A few things to note:

  • The conference is being held on January 9th from 12:00-5:15 and it’s entirely online. Log in from your desk or your couch and listen up!
  • You don’t have to be there live. Purchase the full access pass and you’ll receive recordings following the event to use throughout the year!
  • Go Girl readers get a $10 discount on any ticket purchased. Just use the code GOGIRL.

To learn more about Rock the Resolution and get your ticket, visit We know you’re going to want to ROCK with Career Girls around the world!