We’re so excited to tell you that Go Girl has just launched its TENTH hub in San Antonio!

Introducing: The Go Girls of San Antonio, Texas, USA!

Go Girls of San Antonio, Texas


Are you in the area? Visit our Go Girls of San Antonio page here to stay up-to-date with event information and to sign up for their first gathering.

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Meet the Go Girls of San Antonio organizer, Laura Higgs

 Laura Higgs, the local organizer for the Go Girls of San Antonio

Laura Higgs is a Vermonter who finally took sun over snow when she moved to San Antonio, Texas. She currently works for a Youth Exchange organization as the Outbound Director and has a M.S. in Global and International Education. Laura’s passion for travel started early, when she got the chance to do a youth exchange year to Argentina. Since then, she has studied abroad in Spain and then lived and worked in Argentina teaching English before she moved back to the States. She now hosts travelers from around the world and supervises exchange students, which she truly enjoys. She hopes to encourage other women to see that travel (whether solo or not) is not as scary as they might think and to just go for it!

Let’s give a big warm welcome to our tenth meetup group, and seventh in the USA!