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Recently, one of my dear friends decided to travel to Florida on vacation. Usually, she stays in hotel, but this year she tried something different, she stayed in a timeshare. Of course, I knew of them before, but never really searched them out, which really got me to thinking “Have I wasted money, in the past, staying in hotels?” Well, if you ask her, “YES! You have wasted a lot of money.” This question really got me to thinking… So, since I’m very frugal with my money, and want to save lots of it to take other trips, I began investigating these things they call timeshares.


What’s the deal on them?

It’s a form of ownership or right to use a piece of property. The flip to it is that others can use the property too! There’s actually a certain period time where you may go each year and vacation or stay in the home.

Of course, I’m no expert and I’m still learning of them myself (the logistics), but from what I’ve gathered they are really helpful in saving money.

How much?

Well, that’s all dependent on where you’re going, what you’re looking for, etc. etc.

To look more into the this information and how you can save money, I found this article quite helpful in helping me to determine if it would be helpful to me. Please, check out this article below: