The travel industry is facing a grim reality right now: In addition to the horrific loss of life as this pandemic spreads, businesses around the world are struggling to stay afloat. 

Small businesses in the travel industry are especially fearful right now. The economic impact of this global challenge will, unfortunately, linger. We’re already seeing the immediate impact of flights being canceled, hotels having to refund bookings, and tour operators facing endless cancellations.

For those of us who love to travel and for whom travel is such a vital part of who we are, this poses a long-term threat to our way of life.

For those of us who thrive on connection and on pushing the boundaries of our perceptions and education, this moment in time feels bleak.

But there are ways that we can stay connected with travel lovers all around the world. There are ways we can continue to push ourselves and to explore, even in light of the safety restrictions now in place.

Stay Connected With Travel Lovers Worldwide

At Wanderful, we believe in the power of our global sisterhood. We believe that connection is such a valuable asset and that we are all better off when we support each other.

As a small business, we push ourselves to provide more value at less cost. We strive to create more opportunities for our global membership to support women who love to travel.

Every day, we employ the many lessons we’ve learned through travel — to stretch beyond our perceived limitations, to try new things, to feel uncomfortable — and we use those to build an even better community for all of us.

Those lessons are things you can use whether on the other side of the world, or right at home.

If you find value in what we do, please show your support.

If you have ever read our content, joined our conversations on Facebook, attended our chapter events or Women in Travel Summit, we hope you can support us in getting through this very challenging time.

Be a Member to Connect With Travel Lovers Without Leaving Home

Join Wanderful as a member and get all the benefits of being part of this sisterhood. We have a thriving community where you can learn, teach, share, inspire, and grow.

As a member, you gain access to all sorts of travel discounts and special access from companies around the world. You can also enjoy special privileges at our events, from local chapter meetups to WITS North America and WITS Europe

By being a member, you’re helping our community grow and thrive (plus you’re getting all sorts of neat benefits in the process).

While we’re saying no to physical travel right now, this is a way to still push ourselves.

Remember, travel doesn’t mean you need to go thousands of miles away from home! All it takes is the desire to try something new, to let yourself be uncomfortable, and to challenge your preconceptions.

Check out membership opportunities now and get connected with travel-loving women all around the world. 

Don’t forget to share membership with a travel-loving friend! When it’s safe to do so again, we’ll be connecting and having fun together all around the world, just like we always do!

Wanderful women gathered together for a group photo

To help our global community during these changing times, we’re also building all kinds of virtual connections and opportunities.

We’re hosting daily virtual events in our members-only app.

No matter where we are in the world, conversation and cultural exchange can bring us together over a shared love of travel. 

Our regular travel webinars for members are becoming more diverse and frequent, offering tips for future travels and inspirational ideas for right now.

And our community conversations — sharing book and film recommendations, offering help with work-from-home productivity tips, and more — continue to show the positivity and consistent support offered in the Wanderful community.

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travel for black women - taking a selfie at the Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful to stay connected to travel lovers everywhere

Stay Connected With Travel Creators in the Creator Collective

Wanderful is the creator of the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit, where we are consistently awed by the diversity and creativity of women in the travel industry.

Since 2014, WITS has brought together women of all backgrounds to push the travel industry forward into a more equitable and inclusive space.

We have done this together and we will continue to make waves until the tide has shifted.

If you’re a travel creator, join us as a Creator Member. Whatever stage you’re at in your creative endeavors, we can facilitate your learning and growth. 

Creators: Get insights + tips to help you thrive.

For our beginners, get the insights and education you need to launch your travel creator career to the next level. 

For those more advanced, get connected with the brands and opportunities exclusive to Wanderful Creators. Get continuous education so you can hone your skillset and improve your business mindset. And get connected to each other. 

Wanderful Creators include women from around the world who are challenging the travel industry and making our voices heard. Join us, support each other, and let’s take on the world.

Check out the benefits for Creator Members.

Continue to Build Your Travel Business With Virtual Networking

While WITS Kansas City has been rescheduled, we have been hard at work behind the scenes to help our women travel creators, partners, and brands to find new ways to connect. 

Our small team is full of innovators who never back down from a challenge. 

After ITB and TBEX both canceled in Europe, we realized how many valuable moments of connection were lost. With WITS North America having to be postponed, we can’t let our industry simply forego these crucial moments of relationship-building.

To help brands meet the right creators and to help creators wow new brands, we’re breaking the mold. 

Wanderful hosts online events to connect brands with influencers and creators. Join us at Virtual Meetings Day and WITS Online.

Get all the details:

Travel Industry Virtual Meetings Day

WITS Online

Support Small Businesses in Travel

This is a very challenging time for small businesses everywhere. For small businesses in the travel industry, this could be our greatest challenge yet. We were all planning for growth and success, but we’re now faced with 2020 being a year to sink or swim.

The small but mighty team at Wanderful is doing everything possible to help you stay connected with travel-loving women around the world, regardless of the limitations and restrictions we now find ourselves under.

We are doing everything we can to continue to support our global sisterhood. We have so much more work to do to ensure the travel industry changes to better reflect the majority of stakeholders in travel: Women.  

It’s time the industry reflects that in business. We’re pushing hard to support all our women travel creators, but we need your help to continue to do so.

Help Wanderful Continue to Help All Women Travel More

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At the end of the day, Wanderful is here for and because of you, our global sisters. We are forever grateful for your love and support.

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