Looking for gifts for the women in your life who love travel? Look no further! We have our annual travel gift guide full of presents recommended and vetted by the Wanderful community, for every budget. You might even want to pick something up for yourself, by the time you’ve finished reading. We know we did!

The DELSEY Hyperglide Spinner Carry-on

No one loves paying baggage fees or cramming all of their clothes into a tiny carry-on. This DELSEY carry-on solves both of those problems. It expands, allowing travelers to pack the little bit extra needed for that long weekend away. It also comes with a bonus tri-fold organizer to help keep jewelry and toiletries secure. Plus, it comes in our Wanderful color — I mean, how can you not love that?

DELSEY USA was kind enough to offer our founder, Beth, a couple of these sweet Hyperglides to try out (you can read our full disclosure statement here). She’s now taken them on a number of trips, from the mountains of New Hampshire to Riga, Latvia! Her take?

“I love it. It’s cute, rides really smoothly, and it’s ultra-light. In fact, I don’t even unpack my organizer anymore. I just hang it up in my bathroom and use it when I’m home. Then when I go to travel, I can snap it into the suitcase and go.”

Price: $300

Check out the DELSEY Hyperglide Spinner Carry-on.

Compass Rose Carry-on Cubes

Speaking of staying organized, these carry-on cubes from the team behind Travel Fashion Girl help travelers stay neat while managing a carry-on only trip. They’re also numbered and color-coded, which helps you sort your clothes in a way that works for you!

The neat thing about this product is not just the cubes themselves, which withstand a solid amount of squeezing and zipper pulling, but that it also comes with the vast knowledge and experience of Alex Jimenez, the CEO of Travel Fashion Girl. She is a packing genius and gives all of her customers tips on how to pack effectively for their next trip and some neat ideas for traveling light while avoiding looking like you just got off a plane. She gave us a few to try out at the last Women in Travel Summit — and we just loved them.

Price: $34.99

Check out the Compass Rose Carry-on Cubes.

I’m thinking…travel! Journal

This isn’t your average travel journal. From Dr. Cate Brubaker, the mind behind Small Planet Studio, this travel journal helps you plan your trip, stay mindful abroad, and deal with the emotions that can come with re-entry. It’s an affordable, meaningful stocking stuffer or gift for the women in your life who love travel (or, let’s be honest, yourself). We love Cate’s approach to thinking about travel and re-entry and think you will, too. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our recent Travel Talk where she and Beth discuss re-entry!

Price: $6.99

Check out the I’m Thinking…Travel! Journal.

Allbirds Wool Runners Sneakers

If you’ve got someone on your nice list who loves walking around new places, Allbirds sneakers are the way to go. They’re comfy, durable, sweat-wicking, and you can throw them in the washing machine when you get back. It makes dealing with your unpacking and seemingly endless amounts of dirty travel gear that much easier. Wanderful women rave about these sneakers!

Price: $95

Check out the Allbirds Wool Runners.

Anker PowerCore Portable Power Bank

This falls into the category of “something she definitely needs, but will never remember to get herself” according to our Wanderful community! If you’re like us and keep finding that your phone seems to die faster and faster (especially when you have to do the dreaded software updates), we can confidently say that portable chargers are an absolute lifesaver on the road! The Anker external battery charger came highly recommended by many Wanderful women because it can recharge a phone more than once before needing to be charged itself.

Price: $49.99

Check out the Anker PowerCore Portable Power Bank.

I’ve Been Bit’s “Say Yes to Adventure” Hoodie

Designed by our very own Wanderful Toronto Chapter leader, Lindsay, this cotton blend hoodie is perfect for the women in your life who like to explore new landscapes (and stay warm and cozy while doing so)! We love Lindsay’s designs almost as much as we love her (so, that’s a lot).

Price: $37.31

Check out the “Say Yes to Adventure” Hoodie.

Color Map Mugs

We love these cute mugs that let you track your world travels. Each time you go to a new country or US state, you color it in and throw the mug in the oven to seal the colors. What better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee that brings back all your fond travel memories?

Check out the Color Map Mugs.

Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf

What is a travel scarf? We are SO glad you asked. It is cute, comfy, and sneaky (yes, sneaky). You can tuck your passport, credit cards, and phone into the secure, hidden pocket. A member of our Wanderful Denver Chapter makes these scarves, we know lots of Wanderful women who absolutely love theirs. It’s a fun (and less clumsy) version of a money belt that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style. We’re fans of the world map style (obviously), but there are plenty of cute prints to choose from.

Price: $39.95

Check out the Waypoint Goods travel scarf.

Aukey Camera Lens for Cell Phones

Packing your giant camera can be a pain. But, not having amazing pictures isn’t fun either. Good news: We’ve got the perfect solution for you with Aukey’s amazing camera lens that just clips onto your smartphone! It’s super lightweight and easy to pack, so you won’t feel like you have to lug a camera around just to get great pictures of your next trip.

Price: $30.99


Check out the Aukey Camera Lens.

Solumbra Women’s BodyShade Workout Athletic T-Shirt

We. Hate. Sunburns. So. Much. So, if you’re like us (or the dozens of Wanderful women who can’t stop talking about Solumbra’s sun-protective clothing), you’ll want to check out this cute and functional workout top. It’s lightweight, so you can wear it for anything from hiking, to beach running, to wandering around a new city in warm weather.

Price: $89.95

Check out the Solumbra BodyShare Workout Athletic T-Shirt.

A Creator Collective membership

Know a woman in your life who wants to start or grow her own travel blog? Last month, Wanderful launched the Wanderful Creator Collective, a membership-based community for travel bloggers and business owners who are looking for support and growth with a like-minded peer group. Now, you can help her grow her dream biz by gifting her with membership. She’ll get access to top coaches, discounts to blogging tools, access to her own mastermind circle, small group office hours, and more. Whether she’s new to the blogging world or has been around the block, she won’t believe how supportive, useful, and fun being a part of this professional community can be!

Price: $23.99/month

Check out the Creator Collective.