For some of us it is fall now.  There is a mistique to fall. We can smell change in the air… from the changing leaves and trees rebirthing to students back to a new school year and the homemade baking smells.

This is by nature an amazing time to reflect on what this year has been and what we have been to life.

As my friend John Seely says, “ask not how is life treating you; ask how are you treating life.”

So I ask you, whatever season you are living on in this planet: How are you treating this life of yours?

Fall is a time of change, and a good time to ask ourselves questions about what we want from life. Photo from

In regards to this question: at times I hear people say that they are grateful and they should be happy.  At times we say something like “I need to just suck it up,” in reference to a valid need to change something in life ranging from attitude, behaviors, a toxic relationship or a job.  Then we might begin to talk ourselves out of needed change we want or need to make in our lives.  This can be due to a combination of humbleness, comfort, fear and embracing change…shedding old skin to make room for new.

I am here to tell you that “it is awesome being both grateful and open to improve you and or your life circumstances in order to grow and to honor your life.”           

So here is your activity to support honoring your life voyage as you evaluate your year to date, finishing your year with readiness and making room for a refreshing today and new year.

1.State: “I am grateful for__________________________________ during my year to date life voyage.”  Feel the grace within. Breathe it in. Smile. Embrace this feeling of abundance.

2. Ask yourself: “What in my life voyage do I need to address and change/improve to move forward to a loving life I am respecting and honoring? _________________________________. Own it.

3. To address the following I need to_________________________________ (from question number 2).

Over the next 90 days I will take the following 3 steps:




Every day feel the joy of gratefulness and be confident taking your steps to move forward in your journey! Honor your heart beats.

To chat about this activity please contact me via skype. My skype name is Lovelygalposh

Regarding this post please comment:

What interested you or surprised you?

Are you following any of the advice mentioned and how is it working out?


To Your Life Voyage,

Luz Garcia-Pennock