It is an indisputable fact that multilingualism gets my juices flowing. Forgive the naughtiness, but one of the ultimate pleasures of travel is upping the chances that I’ll run into multilingual men (and women) who seduce me intellectually with their intimate understanding of multiple tongues.

Why is this such a powerful aphrodisiac? Perhaps it’s the simple attractiveness of someone murmuring in a language I don’t understand, but I believe it’s more intriguing than mere attraction to the mysterious, since murmuring to me in a language I do understand (that is either secondary to me or to the speaker) can be equally as stimulating. It’s also important to note that such intrigue is not necessarily tied to the actual words being spoken, but, rather, to the beauty of being articulate.

A person who understands and communicates in more than one language tends to appreciate fine nuances in language, idioms, and cultural humor. There are also studies that demonstrate the cognitive advantages a multilingual brain holds over a monolingual one. Are these assumptions the basis for my attraction to multilinguists?

There is also the fact that I, personally, dream of being proficient in multiple languages. Someone who has mastered such a feat is as attractive to me as someone who has mastered the art of poetry, painting, or playing the guitar. It’s a challenge, a talent, and a skill all rolled into one beautiful, travel-inspired dream.

But where is the connection between cognitive appreciation of a person’s language ability and an uncontrollable physiological response à la Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish Called WandaDr. Ruth emphasizes that intellectual stimulation is important for a woman to become physiologically aroused; yet, why does this specific ability stand out as so profoundly arousing to me?

I may never know exactly why, but linguistic talent doesn’t just spark a flame of desire, it sets me on fire. It is culture, talent, intrigue, provocativeness, intellect, and diversity of humor. It is history and adventure, flexibility and creativity. And I will continue to seek out those of many tongues, not only because it turns me on physically, but because it inspires me personally.

For those of you who do not speak a unique, exotic language, fear not! You can always practice one of the 12 sexiest accents in the meantime.


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