New York, New York

Despite what your parents may have warned you about New York City, it is a safe and friendly place. Like any big city, you need to pay attention to your surroundings, but with streets that never sleep (and are usually well-lit), there’s much adventure and charm to be found in the constant hustle and bustle. With nearly a million more women than men, this is a girl’s town for sure. New York offers something for art lovers, sports fans, history buffs, foodies, fashionistas – everyone. Some busy New Yorkers do live up to the reputation of being rude, but ask for directions on a subway and you’ll be shocked how many people will volunteer information. For the fearless female world traveler, a trip to New York City should not be missed.


Ometepe, Nicaragua

Beautiful, diverse, and off the beaten path, Ometepe is an island located in Lake Nicaragua, formed by two volcanoes which are connected in the middle.  Eco-travelers can enjoy hikes through rainforests, past waterfalls and through coffee plantations. It is a place that can be what any girl makes of it: relax on a hammock with a cold beer or hike either of the volcanoes, Volcan Concepcion which is still considered active or Volcan Maderas which has a large crater lake at its center. You’ll be tired after either hike but the hammock and a cold beer will be waiting.


Paris, France

The romantic Eiffel Tower, the gargoyles of Notre Dame, the Sienne, fashion house headquarters, chocolate, macaroons, Mona Lisa, cheese, croissants, baguettes, nightlife, artists, how could any girl not love the City of Lights? There are enough museums to keep you busy for months whether you are a lover of art, botany, or Napolean. Visit Jim Morrison’s grave and other hair-raising headstones. Eat as many crepes and as much chocolate as you can because once you are back home, there will be nothing quite like it.

El Chalten, Argentina

Quiet and peaceful, this serene mountain town is the perfect place for the traveling woman to reconnect with nature. El Chalten, situated at the base of Mt. Fitz Roy, is the trekking capital of Argentina. Whether you’re a skilled hiker or just a beginner, there are trails for all levels. You can hike solo or with new friends made at your hostel (also a good way to brush up on your language skills!), and also book guided treks throughout the national park. And what better way to relax after a long day of trekking than a hot cup of mate? Women and men alike come from all over the world to venture the trails of El Chalten, so kindred spirits are easy to find.

Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire, England is the cozy city you will never want to leave.  The quaint cobblestone streets, historical buildings on every corner and friendly locals all add to the charming atmosphere of England’s most beautiful county.  Don’t let the locals fool you; despite being laid-back they love to have a good time. You can find a parade, festival or live music act going on just about every weekend.

Budapest, Hungary

The Chicken Paprikash, views of the Danube River and handsome natives are just a few of the memories you will be dreaming about upon return home.  The city comes alive at night and the view of Parliament can be seen from just about every corner.  Check out the Central Market Hall for great shopping – food and quality souvenirs to bring back home.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Although the Red Light district is a bit seedy, Amsterdam is worth a visit. Some may focus on the availability of drugs and prostitutes, but guess what? No city is complete without them – and at least this one is upfront about it all. It is easy to find beauty and culture here, from the Van Gogh museum to the heartbreaking house of Anne Frank. The streets are clean and free from unwanted catcalls, a relief for the women travelers who are all too accustomed with rampant machismo. A summertime visit is an additional bonus because the sun sets as late at midnight, keeping the town as lively as you’re up for.

Inca Trail

Inca Trail, Peru

There are many ways to hike through the vastness and beauty of the Inca Trail. Whether you take the most famous path or hire a guide to show you a more hidden and less crowded route. Either way, the trek through mountains, cloud forests and jungles is a rush of adventure for any active female as well as the more introspective. It is a great place to travel the world while discovering what you can accomplish. After the challenge is complete, enjoy the final destination, which is the stunning ancient city of Machu Picchu.


Interlaken, Switzerland

The ideal setting for thrill seekers: cliff rappelling, canyoning, hiking, biking and skinnny-dipping are just a few of the many outdoor recreational activities available.  Although Interlaken is not known for its nightlife and the bars are few and far between, you will have an easy time making new friends as all of the local hostel-goers seem to flock together near a campfire at night.

Savannah, GA

Savannah, known for its Southern charm and hospitality, is a great place for a girl to take it easy, perhaps after immersing yourself in some of the bigger cities mentioned. While the city’s several parks and 22 squares seem to invite an afternoon nap in the shade of its tall churches and Spanish-moss-draped tree tops, Savannah is far from sleepy. There are historic homes, buildings and old Civil War to brush up on your Southern history, the Telfair Museum to see American and European art and famous cemeteries like Bonaventure in which to explore. Shop on River Street during the day, but at night the bustling restaurants serving fresh seafood and bars serving frozen concoctions draw comparisons to a mini New Orleans.