It’s safe to say that the Balearics are a clubber’s paradise. With more bars and clubs than you can shake a stick at, there’s a night out for everyone. Here’s our pick of three of the best.

Hit Ibiza’s mega clubs

Overview Space Beach Club in Ibiza. Photo from

Let’s get the big guns out of the way first. It’s a given that Ibiza is the party capital of the world, and that’s thanks in part to its biggest and most famous clubs. Privilege is the largest nightclub in the world and a definite must-visit, if only to stare slack-jawed at the massive main room with its 25 m high ceiling and the thousands of people intent on having a good time. You can relax by the huge indoor pool (of course) or out in the garden for a great view of Ibiza’s famous sunset.

Not too far away from Privilege is another major club – Amnesia. It was founded by someone who wanted to provide a place where hip young things could forget everything for a night, and it’s highly likely that everyone who goes there does just that (not to mention the next morning, too). Don’t be fooled by the assumption that following the crowd is a bad thing – Amnesia has racked up a pretty impressive list of awards over the years.

Go dancing in Menorca’s caves

This little island has plenty of the tourist-focused bars and clubs that you’d associate with typical all inclusive holidays to Menorca, which can be great if you don’t want much more than a place to drink and dance the night away. However, there’s one venue that offers something a little bit different to the norm.

The Caves of Xoroi in Cala en Porter on the south coast is a simply incredible club based in some caves set into cliffs up above the ocean. It’s a great little place to relax in by day, but it really comes into its own in the evening, when you’re treated to the fantastic sight of the sun setting over the sea.

You’ll then be able to embark on an unforgettable night out. There’s a full bar and dance floor inside, and an impressive roster of DJs hell bent on making sure everyone gets up to dance. Special events and live performances are held throughout the year, as well as the odd obligatory foam party. Be warned, though: this isn’t the club for you if you suffer from claustrophobia.

Bar hop in Mallorca

Not everyone wants to spend their entire night in a pulsating nightclub. Mallorca is a great destination for barflies who’d rather savour the pleasure of a decent cocktail for a few hours, thanks to its wide selection of bars and pubs.

One of the best bars on the island is Purobeach in Palma de Mallorca, which, as its name suggests, occupies an excellent seaside location in Palma Bay. Day visitors tend to flock to the outdoor pool, but by night you’ll likely be drawn to the bar’s menu of classic and frozen cocktails.

Staying in Palma, Abaco also offers some fantastic cocktails, while Bar Maritimo has a rather pleasing 1970s vibe and an outdoor terrace perfect for long, warm evenings. If you do end up wanting to hit the clubs, you can’t go wrong with a night at Magaluf’s BCM venue, which hosts live performances by big names each summer, or at Pacha in Son Caliu.

Stuart Davis splits his time between travelling the world and working for Directline Holidays.