It’s always tempting to escape the cold, dark nights of winter for warmer climes. And for a chance to enjoy all the mod cons you could ask for and travel to numerous locations, as well as bask in beautiful weather, cruise holidays may be perfect for you during the colder months.

If I am ever lucky enough to head out on a cruise to warmer countries, here’s a short list of where I would go (and I definitely think you should consider visiting too!).

The Caribbean

Okay, so I would take up any opportunity to head to the Caribbean no matter what time of year it was. However, this area of the world is particularly popular during our wintertime, as you are almost guaranteed to find bright sunshine and warm temperatures (perfect when everyone at home is wrapping themselves up warm to combat the cold!).

Barbados, for instance, has an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and a typical daily temperature of 26 degrees C, so you’ve got a good chance of topping up your tan whenever you come. Antigua, another popular destination on winter cruise trips, is known as the sunniest island in the eastern part of the Caribbean, with annual rainfall measuring only 45 inches in total.


You should also consider taking a cruise to Morocco, with this country always offering great weather at any time of the year. As you’ll be on a cruise, you’ll stay by its coastal areas, which means you can enjoy its mild climate and even go swimming in the water. Many people actually prefer to visit at this time of the year, with the summer months being far too warm for them. I’ve been to Morocco in the height of summer when temperatures soar and this may be unbearable for some holidaymakers, although the sea breeze always helps to keep the weather from becoming too intolerable.

Many cruises stop off at Casablanca, and while I haven’t been to this area of Morocco myself, it is definitely somewhere I’d love to visit. This destination boasts a bustling city and a seaside resort, so whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or peruse luxury shops on your winter getaway, you can do so here. You may even come back with some excellent Christmas presents without having to traipse up and down the cold high streets at home.

The Canaries

Another part of the world that is a great choice to head to on a winter cruise is the Canary Islands, with these Spanish isles offering everything you could want from a sunny getaway – including more beaches than you can imagine, beautiful landscapes and a vibrant culture.

Whether you spend all day on the coastline or choose to explore the isles more, you will benefit from beautiful weather no matter when you go. Typical temperatures are 22 degrees C, and it has more hours of sunlight than any other European destination with 3,000 hours a year. So, you’ll definitely have a tan you can be proud of that will last you through the cold winter months back at home.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of destinations for winter breaks, so if you want to discover more about heading away during the colder season, take a look at packages from different cruise liners. You can even benefit from a variety of offers, including P&O cruise deals, if you make a last-minute booking or organise your trip a long time in advance.