As a participating sponsor of this year’s WITS, we at Travel Fashion Girl were overjoyed to learn that this year’s location is Puerto Rico!!

Dubbed the “Enchanted Isle” and “Singapore of the Caribbean”, Puerto Rico is known as the beautiful backdrop of “Gilligan’s Island,” and this special country carries with it a mystique and warmth that is all its own.

The art scene in the Santurce part of the capital, San Juan, near Loiza Street, is worth seeking out. San Juan has an excellent culinary scene and fascinating historical forts, but the natural attractions make Puerto Rico a tropical destination worthy of a visit.

Our mission at Travel Fashion Girl is founded on the principle of helping women pack efficiently, stylishly, and with confidence. We’ve helped over 1 million women with how-to packing guides, luggage tips, capsule wardrobe and travel accessory ideas. 

Hence, we’re excited to share this exclusive packing list on what must-have items to bring to this year’s incredible WITS Conference in Puerto Rico, so you’re prepared for anything!

Navy blue lightweight smart trousers.
The Eddie Bauer Departure Pants are super versatile for conferences to cocktails!

Weekend Packing List for Puerto Rico

When packing for a weekend travel conference, you’ll want to pack light and bring only the essentials while making sure you’re fully prepared with everything you’ll need to have an amazing experience! 

Bring clothes that can easily mix and match, transition from day to evening, and go casual for any sightseeing excursions to dressy for evening cocktail hour! And be sure to consider Puerto Rico’s wonderfully hot and sunny climate as you pack!  

Here’s an example packing list to get you started:

Toiletries Packing List for Puerto Rico

When packing for a shorter-term trip, it’s best to decant items like shampoo or conditioner and take only what you need. Travelers highly recommend using small containers for this purpose. 

Here’s an example of toiletry items to consider packing:

For deeper dive into what to bring for a longer trip to Puerto Rico, check out our in-depth packing guide here!

A battery pack.
The Anker Portable Battery Pack can keep your device charged at all times!

Weekend Conference Essentials List

Attending a conference is not the same as a regular trip, as you have to think about all the items needed to get the most out of the sessions you attend and meet and greets. It can be inconvenient when devices start to die in the middle of taking photos or typing out important notes, for example!

Consider adding these conference essentials to your packing list:

A grey weekender bag.
The Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Weekender is perfect for a short trip!

Luggage for a Weekend Conference

A weekender bag will fit all you need and keep things easy and mobile on your travel days to and from Puerto Rico. Some weekender bags have padded laptop sleeves and great organizational features for the digital nomad, too! 

A blue suitcase
The Delsey Helium Aero 19” has an integrated 15” padded laptop sleeve!

However, if you’d still like to stick to a suitcase, business-oriented luggage may be the way to go, as some carry-on suitcases have padded laptop sleeves or USB ports to charge devices.

If you want to stick to a weekender bag rather than a business suitcase, bring a personal item that can double as your day bag during the conference. A business backpack will have space for a laptop or tablet and plenty of pockets to hold business cards, power cords, water, notebook, pen and all of your other must-haves for the day! 

When it comes to your choice of a purse, opt for a smaller crossbody bag that’s lightweight and versatile for day to night activities. 

Be sure to use packing cubes to maximize your packing space and keep your outfits neat and organized, and therefore, easy to select conference clothes at a glance rather than digging through your bag. 

We hope you enjoyed these exclusive Travel Fashion Girl Packing Tips for attending WITS in Puerto Rico, and wish you a successful and fulfilling conference with an amazing group of like-minded women! 

Written by Travel Fashion Girl