As challenging as 2010 was, I experienced some amazing things as a Go Girl.  I celebrated one year as a writer for this fantastic online magazine with our year anniversary awhile back and with it a year of remembering all of the amazing places I have been.  2010 has also seen some beautiful adventures for me, so I figured that honoring 20-and-10 with my own top ten list would be just the thing.

And so, in no particular order:

10. India– ten days in the land of spice, wonder, and extreme poverty; nothing is ever the same.  This was the most adventurous and breath taking experience that I had in 2010, so it is going to take effort to top it in 2011.

9. Austin, Texas– My first trip to the great state and a wedding?!  It made for a beautiful family trip filled with relaxation, dancing and great honky tonk music.  Oh yeah- and remember when we got lost in the bayou?

8. Portland, Oregon- Not only did I get to visit the love of my life and my favorite travel buddy, but I got to enjoy the fantastic nooks and crannies that Portland has to offer.

7. Running- This year I ran a 5K, a 10K, a five mile, and a half-marathon – ALL IN A SKIRT!  And in 2011, I promise to add a ten mile to the list.   And maybe I’ll update to a running dress and those barefoot shoes I got for the holidays.

6. Seattle- Beer, good friends, and good food.  Oh, and my  first half-marathon.

5. Chicago- Okay, so I might live here.  But it was really the first summer that I was able to experience and enjoy all of the cities offerings, including dancing, music, and beautiful evenings spent with friends.  Also, bicycling affords me more adventures than I’d like, but I look forward to warm weather and ditching the bus soon.

4. Home– Going home is always a trip and a moment of time to treasure with the family.  Besides, Chicago doesn’t really offer me a lot of opportunities to make dinner with mom, have lunch conversations with dad, go driving with my brother, or comb my pony’s mane.

3. Beer- If anything, 2010 was the year of beer.  Cheers to more beer discovery in 2011.

2. Wisconsin– I took the kids that I work with rock climbing in Wisconsin, an exercise in patience and strategic planning for 12 (while driving a van meant for a family of fifteen… ugh).  And I spent several lovely evenings with one of my favorite families in Kenosha.

1. The roof- Perhaps the silliest of my favorite spots of 2010, but I swear to you, if you ever get the opportunity to camp out on the roof top, do it.  All you need is the futon mattress, a telescope, and a warm blanket.  Bring a friend.

In 2011, I vow to visit Washington D.C. for the first time since infancy, spend at least one long weekend in the sun by the beach, romp around in NYC with friends, go to the west coast to visit family, AND explore at least one new country in South America.  Hold me to it, Go Girl, because this year is mine!