A little over two years ago I decided to take a job as a tour leader and leave my old office job. Of course one of the main reasons was being able to keep on travelling. But there is a lot more to it… I love being a tour leader! I can spend so many amazing moments with like-minded people and it never gets boring to share all the excitement! I even miss all the ridiculous questions my passengers ask me all day long! Here are some funny examples from the last year…

Where can I pee?

We were stopping for a bush pee in the middle of Africa or South America. Usually girls will come up to me and ask where they can pee and if I can help to find them the best spot. Really? It is nature, you can go anywhere and everywhere you want to. Behind a rock, behind a tree or even just behind the truck – really I do not care where you go as long as you bring back the toilet paper!

How much money will I need?

I do understand why you would ask me this question, but honestly, how should I know? I just met you and I don’t know how many beers you will drink every evening or how many souvenirs you want to buy. It’s gonna be anything from 5$ to 50$ a day – did that answer really help you?

What should I wear tomorrow?

Alright, I can also understand this question to a certain extent. Sometimes activities require a certain “dress code”, but many times people have been asking me if they should wear short or long trousers, should they wear a hat or not… I am not your mum and I thought you were an adult who has been deciding how to dress and what to wear for many years…

And here is my favourite question of all time: How will the weather be tomorrow?

Seriously, I did not study meteorology nor am I a god. Usually my answer to this question is: It will be sunny with some clouds, some rain, windy at some point and between 10 to 30 C. And believe it or not, most people are very happy with this answer!


And this is what I can’t wait for…

Although I sometimes make fun of all the questions I get, I seriously can’t wait to hear them all again. And I will do my best to answer all of you with a big smile as I know you guys are on holidays and you deserve to switch your brains off sometimes!! I cannot wait to wake up, surrounded by mountains and glaciers, on top of my truck and thinking about a million things: How did my passengers sleep last night and are they already preparing breakfast? Hopefully the weather will be fine for today’s sea kayaking excursion. Everybody is excited about the chance to spot sea otters, icebergs, of course, and maybe even whales and I really want some sunshine for that!!

Very soon I will be off on the road again, in my truck on the way up to Alaska.

The truth is:

At the end of the day, as a tour leader, I even feel responsible for the weather. I want every single passenger to have an amazing time and I know the weather plays a big role – so I even feel a little guilty sometimes when it rains…

Welcome to the world of tour leading!