[Travel Daily Media] Women travelling solo are truly “wanderful”

More women are heading out of their comfort zone and seek high-octane adventures that provide an opportunity to develop new skills and passions. Women also favour journeys that support local women in remote and undeveloped communities around the world. WATG revealed that a 2018 survey of US women identified that 73% of women felt that travel makes them stronger. Now, 75% of cultural, adventure and nature travellers are female.

2019 is also expected to see an increase in the number of solo women travellers, travelling to destinations outside of their comfort zones. Brand USA and CLIA travel trends reports found out that solo travel and sharecations are on the rise.

While travelling alone is becoming popular and travellers increasingly seek new and authentic experiences, they also want to ensure that they can travel in safety, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

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