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Travel more, eat less junk food or say “sayonara” to cigarettes: what made it onto your New Years Resolution list this year?

Two early 20th century New Year's resolution postcards. Photo from

So it’s January already, and once we’ve finished asking ourselves where the last 12 months have gone, we’re ready to make, stick to, and often break-our 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.

Whether you get excited at the prospect of a whole new year looming on the horizon, or whether you dread it and do whatever you can to prolong its arrival, this time of year can conjure up a lot of emotions for us. Some use this time to make vows that they solemnly declare never to break, while others are just happy to try giving something up or making a positive change to their lives.

Two early 20th century New Year's resolution postcards. Photo from

Two early 20th century New Year’s resolution postcards. Photo from

Here at Go Girl, we’re hoping that you might have made a resolution to travel more this year, as we wholeheartedly believe in the power of adventure and discovery to change your life and your way of thinking. You don’t need to be rolling in cash or even especially courageous — all you need is an open mind and a desire to learn more about yourself and the people you share this planet with (and, well,  maybe a bit of cash, not much is possible without it). There’s an itinerary for all budgets, though, and we believe that all travel broadens the mind, no matter the destination or the duration of your stay. Every voyage into the unknown counts.

But as this month’s poll is asking what promises you’ve made to yourself this year, if travel doesn’t feature, we still want to hear from you. Take a moment to vote and add any of your personal resolutions that don’t feature in the poll, and remember, we’re all friends here so don’t be ashamed to admit what you’re giving up or vowing never to do again!

Are you resolving to:

Travel more

Lose weight

Eat more healthily

Take more regular exercise

Quit smoking

Do more for charity

Be wiser with your money

Get a better job



Click here to vote on Facebook or add your own resolutions!

Thank you for voting, we wish you a full and prosperous new year and a whole lot of luck in making this year the best one yet, or at least in sticking to your resolutions for more than 24 hours! Bring on 2013!

Kate Blanchard
Kate is an English woman currently living in rural Morocco with her husband, Ben, and their mischievous mongrel, Douglas. They moved out there three years ago after Ben was offered employment as the manager of a large fruit farm, and although life can often be challenging for them both with cultural differences and language barriers, they see this as more of a reason to stay, than a reason to admit defeat and leave. Kate tries to find humour wherever possible in life, and finds herself blessed (or as her husband would say, ‘cursed’) with an irrepressible desire to see the beauty and the positivity in what others may see to be ugly and negative. Most of all though, she has a zest for travel and exploration and finds it incredibly satisfying to share her stories of adventure with others, even if it does nothing more than transport the reader to a distant land for a few minutes.

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