Wanderful Member Tanya Doan is a travel photographer and mixed media/digital artist who works full time as a photo editor.

When traveling, her goal is to capture the extraordinary within the ordinary. She looks for details that really illustrate the culture and vibe of anywhere she is, through smaller elements like textures and day-to-day objects.

Tanya believes that part of her desire to travel stems from the fact that she lived all over North America before her family settled in California; she was born in Montreal, but then lived in Toronto, Cincinnati, Houston, Dallas, Orange County, and San Diego.


Meet Tanya Doan!

Where are you from?

I grew up California, and have been in NYC for the past decade.

Social media handles and blog:

Travel Photography: http://travelsbytanya.com

Instagram: @potatopanda

What makes you Wanderful?

I make travel a priority within my available resources.

I did not get to do the post-college backpacking, and for a while, was visiting one new country each year. I recognize that it can be a privilege and am grateful that I am in a position for it to happen at all.

Now that I have more resources than I used to, it’s become an obsessive priority to try to make it to two or three new countries each year. I am also very independent. If I have no one to go with due to conflicting schedules, it will not stop me from embarking on a new adventure. Life is too short and if the opportunity is there, seize it. Make things happen!

Amsterdam red light district

Tell us about your most impactful travel experience.

It’s rather difficult to narrow it down, as each trip I have taken has had a moment of impact.

I’d like to say one of the standout moments was my first trip to Iceland back in 2007. It was one of my first trips that centered on the idea of travel to explore and experience the local flavor rather than something along the lines of a lazy beach vacation (not that there is anything wrong with those either). That Icelandic adventure took place during the summer season when the days were long, and it was the first time I was so awestruck by Mother Nature.

Which destination have you always wanted to visit?

Though I lean towards places with surreal looking nature and big cities, I basically want to go everywhere and see it all.

Next on my list for bigger trips is either Norway, Costa Rica, Spain, or Italy. I also hope to visit Cuba, and Antarctica is on the list for “at some point several years from now.”

What’s your travel mantra?

Snap that photo before the moment passes, but don’t just experience it entirely through the lens.

Share your best tip for female travelers.

Like so many others have said, don’t let fear stop you. The world can be a smaller place than you think!

Oh, and multipurpose products are your best friends for keeping your toiletry bags minimal.

What do you like most about being a Member?

This year I vowed to meet new people who share a common passion and I am happy to report that I met some great and badass ladies through this community! It is inspiring to hear about other people’s adventures and I love the camaraderie. I look forward to networking further around the world as Wanderful grows.


Zombie hospital #abandoned #ruins #zombies #berlin

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Images courtesy of Tanya Doan.