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I was chatting with a friend the other day and realized I haven’t travelled very much during this year. My year has been filled with short day trips to different cities within VA, a week trip to Tampa, but nothing too far. I miss the old days. I long to surf the waves, listen to the ocean, and watch kids build sandcastles.

I vow this day, that 2011 will be the year I get a couple new stamps on the passport.

I have a few places in mind, but not too sure how that will work out. We will see. One place for sure is the Bahamas. I went there a few years ago (although it’s not a new place) and had a blast. My passport is just itching to be inked.

Now, I just have to remind myself of the lessons learned while there! (There were so many.) Actually, here are a few things that I remember. You can use these too, if you decide to go to Nassau.

Some things to remember:

  • Make sure you learn the colors on the license plates of cars; it determines whether the car is a taxi or a personal vehicle
  • Never go anywhere by yourself, there are dogs everywhere and they are scary
  • Check out their rugby team, they’re phenomenal!
  • The guys WILL hiss at you (this means they like you)
  • Learn how to bargain! They have really great things, but far too pricey
  • The children will come up to you on the street to sing and dance, make sure you have some change
  • The natives will think you have a lot of money because you’re there vacationing
  • The natives are not allowed to gamble, don’t think about inviting them to the Atlantis to do so

Overall, though, Nassau Bahamas is a pretty cool place. I have memories that I will never forget. Actually, my next posting will be my banana boat adventure. Stay tuned!

Safe travels!