It’s entirely possible you’ve never heard of Tripnary. Don’t worry, no one else has either. Yet.

That’s because the Chicago-based company launched their travel app today. But judging by the adorable interface and the wanderlusty implications, our guess is that it won’t be long before it’s taking over the world.

What is Tripnary?

Tripnary lets you build your travel bucket list and helps you plan your next vacation. You can browse trending attractions in the app (sights, landmarks, and hidden gems) that are popular among other travelers, and compare airfares to every destination in your list.

The cutest part is that you can “favorite” various spots around the world, and Tripnary will curate them for you into location-specific trips, and even put them on a map. It’s a great way to plan your next vacation, even before you know you’re going there.

Why do we care?

Abhishek Ghuwalewala of Tripnary at a Go Girls of Chicago travel cafe

Abhishek showing Go Girl Julie a Beta version of the app in April 2014

In April the Tripnary founder, Abhishek Ghuwalewala, paid us a visit at our Chicago Travel Cafe. Abhishek is a Chicago local, and his adorable wife, Rashi, even came to our last Women in Travel Summit. Not only do we love to help support friends, but we think the app is pretty nifty too.

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me for my top picks in a destination, especially Portugal. I love that, besides the fact that now I can “plan” a trip over time without having to seriously consider the details until I’m ready.

“We created Tripnary to solve our own travel planning problem,” Abhishek tells us. “We had a large and growing bucket list scattered across spreadsheets, bookmarks, notepads, and of course, crammed in our heads. But it was tedious to manually look for cheap airfares across our bucket list destinations.” Tripnary allows you to keep a running bucket list of all the places in the world that you want to visit. You can continually update your bucket list and also share it with friends and family (or even in your blog as a quick-curated list).

Watch the Video

Check out a short video describing the app below:

What do you think?

You guys are the experts, and we’d love to hear your first impressions. Visit to check out the app, or download it in your App Store and give it a try. The app is free. Then tell us what you think of it!