Poker with the boys and rowdy bachelor parties? In old Las Vegas, guys’ getaways and gambling ruled supreme but things are rapidly changing and Vegas is increasing in popularity as a gambling free, girls’ escape. Whether you are traveling on your own or living it up with your girlfriends, here are 5 options are sure to appeal to everyone:

Museum Meltdown

One of the best organized museums I’ve ever been to is the Atomic Testing Museum. Its dry name in no way reflects the fascinating history of a city captivated by the exotic mushroom clouds that floated in the surrounding desert as controversial weapons were tested in Vegas’ backyard.

The Great Outdoors

While Vegas is an artificial city, it’s surrounded by amazing natural features. Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire Park offer incredible panoramas and a million opportunities for a budding photographer to practice their skills.

Rest and Relaxation

If you’ve spent the morning hiking one of the challenging trails in the nearby desert, take the girls to relax at one of the many spas in Vegas. All the top hotels offer decadent spa packages.

Under the Big Top

An absolute highlight of my last Vegas visit was Cirque de Soleil. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the incredible artistry of Cirque, now is your chance! Somewhere in the middle where dance, acrobatics, tumbling, acting, storytelling, and special effects meet, you will be entertained from the minute you queue up to enter the theatre. Zarkana at ARIA is an intensely spellbinding tale with acrobatic moves that will leave you breathless.

A Little Bit of Everything!

If you want some exercise, entertainment, and indulgence consider a themed walking tour. The Walking Gourmet offers food themed tours that combine scintillating historical tales with gourmet tastings from different chefs – perfect for a group with diverse interests!

Las Vegas has amazing amenities and attractions when you scratch just beneath the surface. There’s lots of excitement to be had if you want to hit the casinos, but you can have just as much fun (if not more!) when you think outside the box.

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