Wanderful is a community for women who love to travel. Our global sisterhood joins together both online and in person with the same goal in mind: We are women helping women travel the world.

Wanderful was built on the idea that women are each other’s greatest asset. When we support each other, we create a community of encouragement and growth potential that has no limit.

Maybe you’re still searching for your own travel community or maybe you’re just wondering whether or not to become a member of Wanderful.

We asked our members about their favorite benefits, so we thought you might like to know what makes this women’s travel community so fabulous.

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1. Wanderful is a *Global* Women’s Travel Community

One of the top reasons members love the Wanderful community is our global reach of membership. 

Members connect with women who are from around the world and who are traveling all around the world. Together, we share experiences and insights, travel tips and advice, stories and sisterhood.

Looking for travel inspiration? Wanderful is a global community for travel-loving women. Connect with us!

If you’re traveling soon, you can tap into this network to get insights from those who live there or have traveled there recently.

If you love your home city, you can offer advice and inspiration for other members to come and visit. And, when they do, you know you can meet up with like-minded women and share that special bond!

This global reach reflects the variety of experiences women have while traveling. Wanderful welcomes all women who love to travel!

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2. Virtual Events for All Members to Join

Members get access to all our virtual events. We have a wide range of webinars and courses to help you learn travel hacks and tips, but we also get together to socialize online! 

Language circles help us keep our skills fresh and ready to be used wherever we venture to next.

Virtual brunches and wine nights help us to feel connected to women around the world.

Wanderful members who are certified trainers or yoga instructors offer online classes and tips for other members.

Netflix-watching parties, online music streaming together, and virtual book clubs are all fun ways to connect with other travel-loving women. Geography and borders can’t keep us apart!

3. Members Get Free Admission to Monthly Chapter Events

With around 50 chapters in cities all across the world, you might already have a Wanderful chapter in your own backyard!

Monthly meetups like Brunch Club and Wanderful Women Wednesdays are free for members to attend. (Note that non-members are always welcome for a small fee.)

Learn more about Wanderful Women Wednesday

4. Members Learn Travel Hacks + Tips

Members get access to webinars and virtual chats where experts offer insight into travel. If you can’t join a webinar live, all the recordings are available to members — forever!

Some recent topics include:


Wanderful Woman Summit

Wanderful hosted a free, public virtual event, the Wanderful Woman Summit, providing the tools you need to travel safely and confidently after quarantine.

You can watch all the recordings at your leisure to get every single one of the tips, links, recommendations, and expert insights.

Get instant access to the entire Wanderful Woman Summit. Explore the world with confidence when the time is right!

5. Friendship!

It’s that simple. The number of members who associate Wanderful membership with friendship is astounding.

Within a women’s travel community like this, you know you’re already of like mind, surrounded by women who support other women in this global sisterhood.

It’s amazing what connections can happen when you start off on such similar ground!

I have met a new friend through here and rekindled an old friendship also. In the future I’m sure that I will make many new friends.

-Lorna Williams

Going to Boston Chapter events introduced me to local travelers and bloggers who have become friends.

-Brittany Quaglieri

I’ve been a member for a number of years and love the camaraderie of my fellow travel sisters. So much valuable information and friendships made!
-Alicja Krysiak

Wanderful community of women who travel

6. Travel Discounts and Bonus Offers for Members

Wanderful members get access to exclusive deals and discounts from our travel industry partners. There’s a whole section in our members-only app where you can find discount codes on things like:

  • Up to 50% off hotels with Wanderful partner HotelStorm
  • 10% off any Urban Adventures tour worldwide
  • 30% Off Travel Hacking Course with Jet Set Lisette
  • Free 6 Month Trial for Jetlag Remedy Uplift
  • FREE 15-minute discovery session with travel therapist Brie Shelly
  • 12 Hours of Free Luggage Storage with LuggageHero
  • Wanderful Exclusive: $100 off Contiki tours

And so much more! These discount options are perfect ways to travel more and to expand our horizons.

7. We Support Women Travel Creators Changing the Industry

Wanderful is the creator of the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit. WITS is the premier event for women travel influencers and creators, and the brands that want to work with them.

Hosted on two continents with hundreds of attendees each year, WITS brings together women travel creators to challenge the travel industry status quo. By encouraging more diverse voices and experiences to be shared, WITS attendees and sponsors are creating a more equitable and inclusive industry for all.

Are you a woman working in travel as a creator or influencer? Or do you run a travel business? Check out what WITS is all about right here.

After seeing the power of this women’s travel community at each WITS conference, Wanderful also supports women travel creators through additional membership perks. Creator members of Wanderful hone their skills and connect with the right brands all year long.

Find out all about the Creator membership right here.

Creators: Get insights + tips to help you thrive.


Virtual Events for Content Creators

Wanderful and WITS host virtual events to connect creators and brands. Find out about upcoming events for women travel creators right here.

group selfie by the women of WITS Rga

8. Discounts for Members at Global Wanderful Events

Wanderful members get special discounts at other events around the world. There are two WITS conferences, one in North America and one in Europe, where members get special VIP access plus extra goodies. 

And, in 2022, Wanderful members can join us at the world’s first outdoor travel festival for women: Wanderfest! Wanderfest will be held in New Orleans in March 2022 to gather women from around the world to celebrate our global sisterhood.

Members can look out for special discounts and offers!

Wanderfest travel festival for women by Wanderful

Find out about upcoming trips right here

9. Diverse Women’s Group Trips

While not exclusively available to members, Wanderful arranges several group trips for women that you might just love! India, Bali, Antarctica, Cuba, New Orleans…we love to adventure together!

Join us on an epic adventure to Antarctica in 2023 — the excitement is already building!

Antarctica trip Wanderful and Intrepid details

Read about a women’s group travel adventure to India with Purposeful Nomad 

10. Women Helping Women to Travel More

Whether it’s opening up our homes to other traveling members of Wanderful or offering to meet up for a coffee or a walk around the city together, Wanderful is all about helping women to get out into the world.

And — guess what?! — the world includes your own backyard! 

You don’t need to travel thousands of miles from home to get the benefits of travel. In fact, here are a variety of ways you can expand your own horizon and travel without even leaving home.

Women encouraging other women to explore, to get uncomfortable, to challenge preconceptions, and to learn something new about the world is what Wanderful is all about.

This is a women’s travel community built on true connection and inspiration to explore the world in every way possible. And we would love for you to join us!

Ready to join Wanderful as a member?

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Looking for travel inspiration? Wanderful is a global community for travel-loving women. Connect with us!