You heard us right! Wanderful is headed this week to Portland, Oregon to check out some amazing tough drops with our new friends, Corning Incorporated, known for their amazing Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Not only that, but we’re doing it with the help of an elite team of travelers known as the “Gorilla Glass 4”. That’s right. We even have jackets.

Meet the “Gorilla Glass 4”: JD Andrews, Mariellen Ward, Teri Johnson, and of course, our own Beth Santos (who will be holding down the Wanderful fort).

We’ll be taking a week to explore tough terrain like Mt. St. Helens, Lava River Cave and Cape Disappointment, and using a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S6 to chronicle the adventure. And if you follow along, there might be something in there for you, too (keep reading to learn more).

Why tough drops?

We’ve all been there. At baggage claim while grabbing for your suitcase, or reaching for your keys, or the most disappointing of all – the camera fumble. It’s hard to keep a delicate phone perfectly intact, especially if you’re always on the road like we are.

But did you know that Corning Gorilla Glass dramatically improves protection against drops? In fact, in laboratory tests, Gorilla Glass 4 survives up to 80% of the time when dropped from 3 feet high, and was up to 2x tougher than competitive glass designs.

We were psyched to have Corning join us as a sponsor of the Women in Travel Summit, and couldn’t wait to work with them again. Nothing is more important to a travel blogger than her cell phone.

Although we won’t be dropping our phones from these high locations, we will be showing you some of our most inspiring tough drops out there.

So here’s where you come in

We’re psyched to be able to give away six Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones over the next few weeks (May 18 – May 29)! This, of course, will happen ONLY if you follow along on our adventures here and on Twitter using the hashtag #GorillaGlass4. More details are to come, but consider this an official “sneak peek.”

See you in Portland!

Note: This blog post was sponsored by Corning Incorporated. However, all opinions are our own and we stand by them! Click here for our full disclosure statement.