We’ve done it! Wanderful has launched a new app to help women travelers find, meet, and stay with other women around the world. The platform will act as a hub for women to find new friends when traveling and connect with future travel buddies, plug in to a local community of women travelers while abroad, and ask advice to help prepare for upcoming trips. 

“Our goal is to create a space where women can arrive in any airport around the world and immediately have access to local knowledge, support, and friendship,” said Beth Santos, founder and CEO of Wanderful. “We have the incredible opportunity to not only exchange valuable information that we can use to make each other’s travel experiences better, but to create a sense of community and sisterhood among women for whom a love of travel runs deep in their veins.”

The app is hosted on Mighty Networks, a platform that connects communities around the world.

Wanderful is exactly the kind of community we want to enable and empower at Mighty Networks. We believe so strongly in what they’re doing – bringing together passionate women who love to travel, which leads to greater compassion and understanding for different cultures,” said Jessica Shambora, Product Manager of Brand & Growth at Mighty Networks. “There are a lot of women who might be afraid to travel but the community that Wanderful has built can show them the way and give them the confidence they need to go out and discover the world.”

Within days of launch, our brand new app has already reached over 1,000 members from across the globe. 

“Whether you’re new to traveling, or you’ve been doing it for years; whether you’re 20 or 80; whether you’re from Boston or Berlin or Bangkok, we welcome you with open arms into our family,” said Summer Slevin, Wanderful’s Membership Coordinator.

For a limited time, new members can join for free by visiting community.sheswanderful.com.