By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Women in Travel Summit (and if you haven’t, you absolutely must come to the world’s best travel blogging summit by and for women, taking place in Irvine, California March 18-20 — and run by Wanderful!). We are gearing up for another great year of building our skills, meeting amazing companies that want to work with bloggers, and growing our sisterhood of women who travel the world.

But why should you have to wait until March to do all of that?

We’re absolutely psyched to announce On the Road to WITS, a first-ever event series taking place in different cities around the world!

On the Road to WITS is a happy hour series we’re hosting in partnership with the amazing Travel Massive, a global community of travel industry insiders, leaders, and innovators. At each event, we’ll gather travel industry members and influencers together for a great guest speaker, snacks and drinks, and amazing networking as we gear up for the Women in Travel Summit 2016!

Check out the list below to see if On the Road to WITS is coming to your town:

Atlanta: January 12
Karen Davis Young spoke on “Refining Success: A lighthearted reflection on how a passion for business and travel collided to create an NGO philanthropist.”

On the Road to WITS
Image of Atlanta’s On the Road to WITS event, courtesy of
On the Road to WITS
Image of Atlanta’s On the Road to WITS event, courtesy of

Seattle: January 20
The speaker was Jen Briggs, a Seattleite and a strategic, creative, modern-brand thinker, who loves to work hard and have fun a ton of fun while doing it.

Houston: January 21
The speakers were Cynthia Nixon and Helen Belokon with Flightbucks.

San Francisco: February 2 (Sign up here.)
Conversation will be led by inspirational speaker Flynn Coleman about the many simple ways to sneak social impact into our travels, and why doing so is increasingly important.

Chicago: February 4 (Sign up here.)
A panel discussion will include Sidonia Rose Swarm of Stamp Travel and Lisa Ghisolf of Gizmo and WorkTravelTech.

Denver (taking place in Boulder): February 16 (Sign up here.)
Ginger Kern will present “Travel Transformation: How To Take On a BIG Adventure to Become the Woman of Your Dreams.”

Toronto: February 16 (Sign-up coming soon!)
Jill Valentine from Dare to be a Dandelion will be speaking, topic TBD!

On The Road to WITS-2

Learn more about the Women in Travel Summit.

Attendees at the Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful in Boston, MA
The Women in Travel Summit (WITS) by Wanderful is the first and only travel blogging summit by and for women, now in its third year. Join 500 influencers and brand representatives in Irvine, Cailfornia on March 18-20, 2016 for a weekend of workshops, networking, and growing our global sisterhood.

Come hear what all the talk is about and why WITS is consistently listed as one of the top events to attend, whether you’re a travel blogger or looking to work with one. Plus, how can you miss it when tickets start at just $159?

Featured image courtesy of Wanderful.