Welcome Emily and Sarah!

Welcome new writers! Catch Emily on a monthly basis and Sarah every other week. Go team!

Emily: Emily has straddled two home states for five years now: Utah and New Hampshire. Socially and politically, these states are about as different as two states in the Union can get, which makes for nonstop adventures in culture shock. She travels more for necessity than pleasure, but years of flying across the US have taught her the ins and outs of booking cheap airfare, surviving dreadful plane rides, and transitioning between two cultures. Four years ago she spent a semester in Paris, and she’s been dying to get back to Europe ever since. She has one year left of her MFA in creative writing and can’t wait to graduate and embark on more pleasurable travel adventures. You can follow more of her antics at notanotherwave.blogspot.com.

Sarah: Ohio by birth, Arizona by choice, Sarah spent her youth in the backseat of a big red van while her parents toted her on cross-country road trips all over the US (If you ever want to know anything about Civil War Memorials or National Monuments, she’s your girl!). She recently graduated from college and (surprise) balked at the idea of getting a “desk job”. Instead, she opted to travel around for a bit and see what else is out there. With a journalism degree and camera in hand, Sarah plans to tackle bigger adventures in Central America. She will be living and working in rural Honduras for the next two years, teaching HIV/AIDS prevention. You can follow her personal blog at http://sarahlagringa.wordpress.com/