Welcome, Karissa!

Putting together another warm Go Girl welcome for Karissa, a brand-new monthly writer.

Certainly a woman on the run, Karissa has lived in four countries and six states in the US.  She has traveled to over twenty countries and forty-three of America’s beautiful fifty.  And here’s to still counting.  Currently, home base is a tiny fishing village in the wilds of northern Japan where she teaches English to Junior High and Elementary students, explores the world of Japanese cuisine, reads and writes and gets outside as much as possible.  Follow Karissa’s explorations of Japan through the outdoor lens – worlds away from the Tokyo life that most people imagine.  More thoughts, adventures and photos can be found on her blog: http://sailforth.wordpress.com.

Check out her posts on the last Sunday of every month, beginning February 28th. You’re going to love what she has to say about Japan and the world outside!