Editor’s note: Life has changed (again) for Beth since writing this. Here are some of her notes, as written back in June:

This is the Go Girl crux: We tell you that a Go Girl is someone who jumps on the back of a mule at the market, who rides a motorcycle taxi to her destination instead of the tour bus. We tell you that a Go Girl is a woman on the run – always moving, always adventuring, always seeking. She takes the world by storm and leaves nothing behind.

We tell you this, and at the same time we expect our Go Girls (the ones who are bouncing on the back of a mule while balancing two backpacks and unwrapping a juicy mango) to write about her experiences at the same time.

Tell me: Have you been there?

I may be in the minority when I say this, but I’m guessing I’m not. Wherever I go, wherever I am, there is a part of me that wishes I had a stenographer in my back pocket, writing about my adventures for me. I love writing (in theory), but I hate – hate! – HATE! – having to do it when everything else in my life is keeping me busy. I love doing it when my world is quiet. But when does a Go Girl find this quiet time?

Enter Catch 22, state right.

Leaving our beautiful home in North Topsail Beach, NC

This may be the reason for my rather silent contributions over the past few weeks, besides the reading/editing of others’ articles and their prompt publishing on the website. It is not because my life offers little substance. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. For the past few weeks, I have been crashing hard on my bed (if I have one) and out before I have the chance to pull the covers over my chest. I have, at times, had a chance to jot down a sentence or two in my diary, to show that I am still alive. But a Go Girl article has not yet graced my computer screen. Because every time I’ve had a story to tell, the story would change again.

Since I have returned from Haiti in March, I have:

  • On the steps of my new home with my little bro, Nate

    Started to get settled into my beach-lover’s life, and committed to a weekly yoga schedule with a small community of middle-aged, smiling women

  • Gone on a birthday extravaganza to Myrtle Beach, courtesy of the love of my life (recorded in Go Girl)
  • Enrolled in a community college class to brush up on my economics
  • Discovered (in late April) that my boyfriend, Marvin, was being deployed in July, and began making preparations to leave the country at the same time
  • Discovered (about two days later) that he would actually deploy in December, thus changing my plans
  • Discovered (about three days after that) that we would be moving to Chicago the following month, for a two-year contact he was offered
  • Driven to New York (that weekend) for a wedding and flown to Chicago for a week of house-hunting promptly thereafter
  • Settled on a house, done some sight-seeing, and returned to North Carolina to pack
  • Packed up my life
  • Thrown an impromptu goodbye party
  • Taken last looks at the military lifestyle I’m leaving behind
  • Kissed my man goodbye as he leaves for five weeks of field exercises in California while I move to Chicago on my own
  • Flown with cat to a wedding in Boston to serve as an impromptu bridesmaid AND groomsman in Marvin’s absence
  • Left my job, and job hunted for something in our new city (and still very much in that hunt, as any unemployed person knows)
  • Prepared for and launched the new Go Girl
  • Traveled to Chicago, painted my house and (am now) in the process of unpacking
  • Planned and am currently executing a leadership summit in Washington, DC, that I am currently at the airport flying to right now.

I’m sure many of you Go Girls have competing schedules, but the fact that my life plan has changed not once, not twice, but (at least) three times in the past three months is enough to drive a woman nuts, not to mention pretty mentally (emotionally? Physically?) exhausting.

Except for the fact that I am now waiting for a delayed flight and actually have a few minutes to write it all down.

So in leaving no transportation minute unlabored, Go Girls: get ready for some Beth updates.