Go Girl Travel Network has arrived in São Paulo, Brazil! Isn’t that awesome? The first meetup outside of the USA was a great success. The girls from São Paulo have filled the map and are still hungry for more travel.

The objective of this first meeting was to get to know each other and exchange information about travel. During the event, I asked them “Why do you love traveling?” and here are the answers. So, world, please meet some of the fun & adventurous Go Girls of São Paulo:


Juliana Belloti: has traveled to a lot of countries–seriously, a whole bunch–, but she prefers going to places where she can do what she loves: dive.

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Why do you love traveling? I love traveling because by traveling distances can be shortened and we can realize that although people have different stories/backgrounds, we are all the same, with the same desires and concerns! So due to that, I want to keep meeting more people and more places…

Camila Rodrigues: is specialized in the Americas as she has been to several countries in this continent, including the Atacama Desert, in Chile. She wants to travel to other continents too, of course!

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Why do you love traveling? Because I know that a little bit of me is everywhere in this world. By traveling, I learn to appreciate the simple things in life and I find out how to be a better person day after day.

Michele Galves Derolle: is my sister and I love her so much, but apart from that, she does have the travel bug and is not afraid of traveling alone. She has traveled to South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, but she feels very connected to the USA, a place she travels to frequently.

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Why do you love traveling? Because I love meeting new cultures, new people, to connect to a place, knowing its history and falling in love with it! Traveling, for me, is a rescue of my inner values. The big world is wonderful!

Roxana Sera: is a Go Girl of São Paulo, but she is actually from Romania! She has been living in Brazil for a long time, but she has lived in Japan too, where she studied and met her husband, who is Brazilian! She has traveled to many interesting places, but she feels like visiting Thailand next time she is in Asia. She will be spending her holidays back home in Europe.


Why do you love traveling? I love traveling because I believe that the world is worth knowing. And by getting to know more of the world, I maybe have a greater chance of coming closer to knowing and understanding myself and the others.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Brazil! May 2014 be filled with more travel and special moments.