Imagine you had a friend to guide you in whatever airport you landed around the entire world. A friend to get coffee with, who could give you the lay of the land wherever you are. A friend who’s guest room is yours for the week. A group of friends to get cocktails with in a brand new city.

With our new crowdfunding campaign, you’ll be able to do just that.

We’re raising $50,000 by September 30th to build our new platform that will connect women not just where they live, but anytime they travel.

The new Wanderful platform

The next iteration of our technical platform is something unprecedented. It doesn’t exist yet in the world. But it’s about to.

Imagine that you could share your upcoming travel plans and immediately find other women who were traveling there at the same time. Or other women who live there. How would your travels change?

Imagine you’re planning a great trip to Goa, India. You type in your destination and your travel dates. Then, suddenly, you’re connected to the world. You make plans to stay in the gorgeous home of Priya, and get to learn about her life. You get a chai date with Sruthi on the books and she helps you figure out the taxi system. You pick up all your best tips from Rachel who just got back from a visit.

With our new platform, you’ll be able to find, meet, and and stay with other Wanderful women at home and when you travel the world. In real-time. Wherever you are.

Here’s why it matters

Women around the world face more obstacles when it comes to traveling alone, ranging from safety to income. We believe every women deserves to travel, and we encourage women to do so safely and confidently.

  • 54% of women stay in a hotel over a traditional homeshare when traveling, half of them citing safety as the reason [Wanderful Survey]
  • 72% of American women plan to travel alone this year []
  • 80% of women have considered personal safety when planning a trip [Eric Mower + Associates]


That is why we are building the world’s number one community for women travelers. We want to increase the visibility of women who travel solo. We want to support women who explore the world, making it as safe and affordable as possible.

Why do we need your help?

More than ever before, we travelers need technology that moves as quickly as we do. Our next phase is to create this platform that connects thousands of women in real-time while they travel the world, offering places to stay, arranging meetups, getting rides to the airport, and more.

This type of technology is new and exciting. To achieve this goal, we need to raise the funds to afford a technical overhaul of our platform.

We’ve chosen to crowdfund because so many women in our community – and fans of Wanderful around the world – have asked how they can help. Some have even asked when we’d be doing a crowdfunding campaign! Using iFundWomen was the obvious choice for us! Beth founded Wanderful with the vision of creating a global sisterhood of travelers. The vision of iFundWomen to empower women entrepreneurs to build their own businesses while creating community is a natural fit with our values.

Every amount given will help us help women travel the world.


Meet the women behind Wanderful

Interested in learning more about the Wanderful team? Head over to our team page to learn more about Beth Santos, our Founder and CEO, our team, and our Chapter Organizers.