What happens when 28 women from 9 countries get together to climb a mountain?

Mountains are moved!


On March 8, International Women’s Day, I summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro with 27 other women. As co-founder of WHOA travel it was Danielle’s and my dream to share the Kilimanjaro experience with women from around the world and to do it for a great cause. Danielle and I first did Kili in February 2013, so only a year later, to be sharing this mountain with so many amazing women was a dream come true x 1000.



What’s more amazing is that all 28 of us made it to the summit, a 100% success rate! When you Google “Kilimanjaro success rates”, you usually see figures between a 60-80% success rate, so having a 100% success rate was something we were incredibly proud of! No doubt we have some of the best guides on Kili, and even the first female guide who has summitted over 120 times, but there is no denying the energy and spirit of this climb had a huge impact on the success of those who were a part of the adventure. 28 complete strangers walked away from this journey with 27 lifelong friends, and an experience that has had a significant change on all of us.


28 women coming together for a common goal, to take a stand on International Women’s Day for all the women of the world…May we continue to live this tradition, to come together to climb mountains, and MOVE THEM!

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10155104_10101170970063457_1389669682_nAllison Fleece is from the great state of Michigan and graduated from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame with a Bachelors in Marketing and International Business. She moved to Germany upon graduation from college to pursue a job at Adidas’ world headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany (try saying that 4 times fast). From there, she took an opportunity in international education that allowed her to move to NYC. Working in international education inspired Allison to co-found WHOA travel together with her best friend, Danielle.  Their motivation behind WHOA was to inspire more women to step outside of their comfort zones and experience the world around them! Allison has visited 43 countries and counting…