More than just communities, many of these organizations offer online spaces, offline chapters, group trips, events, and more. Also includes organizations created by gender-diverse people.

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  • Black Girls Travel Too: Encouraging women of color to leave their backyards and live through travel (Founder: Danny Rivers-Mitchell)

  • Black Travel Alliance: Non-profit that encourages, educates, and equips Black travel professionals in education, media, and corporate positions (Founder Martinique Lewis)

  • Blind Travelers’ Network: Articles, discussion boards, and events for blind travelers (Founder Stacy Cervenka)

  • Brown People Camping: A social media initiative that advocates for greater diversity, equity, access, and social justice in the outdoors (Founder Ambreen Tariq) 

  • Deafinitely Wanderlust: A blog and community for deaf travelers (Founder S. Marlene Valle)

  • Disabled Hikers: Disability community and justice in the outdoors (Founder Syren Nagakyrie (they/them)

  • Fat Girls Traveling: Dedicated to telling fat stories, highlighting fat bodies, and changing the landscape of travel, fashion and lifestyle brands. (Founder: Annette Richmond)

  • Flash Foxy: Created to empower women climbers (Founder Shelma Jun)

  • Girl Camper: Camper/RV community (Founder Janine Pettitt)
  • Girls LOVE Travel: Global community of over 1.4million women worldwide to empower one another through socializing, suggestions and support (Founder Haley Woods)
  • Latinas Who Travel: Created to encourage and empower Latinas, women of color, and honorary Latinas (Founder: Olga Maria)

  • Latinxhikers: Breaking down barriers in the outdoors for Latinx people (Co-Founders Luz Lituma and Adriana Garcia)

  • Love Her Wild: UK-based nonprofit women’s adventure community (Founder Bex Band)

  • Melanin Base Camp: Increasing the visibility of outdoorsy black, indigenous, people of color, as well as their representation in the media and stories (Founder Danielle Williams)

  • Native Women’s Wilderness: For Native women to celebrate the wilderness of their native lands (Founder Jaylyn Gough)

  • Outdoor Afro: Celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. (Founder Rue Mapp)

  • Pink Coconuts: Events and community for LGBTQ people around the world (Founder Zi Piggott)

  • Plus Size Travel Too: Providing information and community for plus-sized travelers (Founder: Kirsty Leanne)

  • Sisters on the Fly: Outdoors lovers, fly fishers, campers and more (Founders Maurrie Sussman and Becky Clarke)

  • SurfearNEGRA: Non-profit bringing cultural & gender diversity to the sport of surf (Founder GiGi Lucas)

  • Teach with Love Global: Global trips for international educators (Founder Taína Benitez)

  • Unlikely Hikers, which advocates for body inclusivity and antiracism in the outdoors (Founder Jenny Bruso)
  • Wanderful: Leading community of women travelers and travel content creators (hey, we had to put ourselves in there, too!) (Founder Beth Santos)