These companies offer small-group trips, often focused specifically on women.

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  • Anina NYC Travels: Small solo group tours plus wheelchair accessible NYC tours (Founder Anina Young)
  • Around the World Beauty Tours: Group experiences centered around engaging with local beauty traditions, plus thoughtfully sourced global beauty products for sale online (Founder Stephanie Flor)
  • BOOKED Trips: Connects curious and community-minded women through book-inspired travel experiences that take travelers from the page to the place exploring cities around the world (Founder Jalisa Whitley)
  • Cheema’s Travel: Small group culinary trips (Founder Rani Cheema)
  • Co-Pilots for Co-Parents: Group trips for single parents, traveling both with and without kids (Founder Nicole Cunningham)
  • Damesly: Creative retreats for professional women (Founder Kelly Lewis)
  • FTLO Travel (For The Love Of Travel): Modern group travel for ages 25-39 (Founder Tara Cappel)
  • Girl Around the Globe: Intimate group trips for women seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures (Founder Dominique Jackson)
  • Global Family Travels: Immersive, community-led trips (Founder Jennifer Spatz )
  • Intrepid Women’s Expeditions: Immersive all-female adventures focused on woman-owned businesses and with woman tour guides
  • Joyride Charters – Sailing Everywhere: Sailing charter business exploring destinations via sailing (Founder Joy Sherman)
  • Lotus Sojourns: Beyond-the-bucket-list experiences for women (Founder Christine Winebrenner Irick)
  • Mogale Travels: Curating holiday experiences (Founder Lindi Mogale)
  • Soulful Safaris: Sustainable and Transformational Journeys across India (Founder Sukeerti Raikwar)
  • The Centre for GOOD Travel: Purposefully designed group trips that give back sustainably to local communities, plus capacity building workshops (Co-Founders Eliza Raymond, Shelley Bragg, Caitie Goddard and Heidy Aspilcueta)
  • Traverse Journeys: Mindfully crafted, bespoke itineraries centered around human connection, the beauty of diversity and the transformative power of travel (Founder Ashley Blake)