If you need help planning that next trip, look no further than this list of women-owned travel planning companies and women travel advisors.

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  • Adventure More: A travel design agency specializing in custom adventure travel (Founder Amanda Jamieson)
  • CityCatt: Travel journeys curated by local experts (Founder Lizia Santos)
  • Conscious Travel Collective: Travel for connection with immersive, locally focused, slow travel experiences tailor designed for individuals and small groups (Founder Tara Busch)
  • Extra Mile Travels: Woman-owned travel concierge company (Founder Kerri Kirshner)
  • Fulfilled Passport Travel: Helping travelers plan bucket list trips and also host group adventures for adults (Founder Katie Hart)
  • Pack Up + Go – Leave the planning behind with a surprise trip planned for you (Founder Lillian Rafson)
  • Portico – Digital travel organizer (Founder Jacqueline Hampton)
  • Seeker – Digital app for finding and sharing places (Founder Jody Vandergriff)
  • Wander Your Way: Customized travel planning for Europe (Founder Lynne Nieman)
  • WildBum: Curated travel guides (Founder Mollie Krengel)