Some of our favorite resources for travel products and shopping sites geared toward real women who travel.

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Online Shops and Marketplaces

  • Local Purse: Virtual shopping tours of local markets around the world (Founders Lola Akinmade and Sara Mansouri)
  • Sustainable Travel & Living: Shop sustainably sourced travel products including towels, bags, skin and hair products, and more (Founder Lauren Zoe Smith)
  • Threads Worldwide: Shop fair trade jewelry and home goods online (Co-Founders Angela Melfi, Kara Valentine and Lindsay Murphy)

Apparel & Accessories

  • Aruna Project: Athleisure bags with a mission to help women escape human trafficking (Co-Founder April Berg)
  • Black Travel Box: Travel hair and skin essentials (Founder Orion Brown)
  • CapSoul Collective: Trendy travel bags (Founder Marissa Wilson)
  • Diane Kroe: Wearable travel fashion for a variety of body types (Founder Diane Kroe)
  • DivaCup: Reusable menstrual cup (Founders Francine Chambers and Carinne Chambers-Saini) — also see Moon Cup, Saalt Cup, and Flex for alternatives
  • Drifted: Adventure apparel for women (Founder Puja Seth)
  • Dry Fox Co: Quick dry towels that can fold into your purse (Founder Samantha Peck)
  • Flare bracelets & jewelry: Safety jewelry that instantly alerts your key contacts, the police, or both – and also looks cute (Co-Founders Sara Dickhaus de Zarraga and Quinn Fitzgerald)     
  • Flex-n-Fly: Flexbags minimalist travel bags (Founder Youmie Jean Francois)
  • Kreya: Luxury totes that turn into backpacks (Founder Kulveen Sarna)
  • Lo & Sons: Smart, sustainably made bags designed by a travel-savvy mom and her two adult sons (Co-Founder Helen Lo)
  • Mommy Mo Designs: Travel embroidery clothing that capture the essence of exploration and wanderlust (Founder Maureen Hochdorf)
  • Ms. Jetsetter: Travel accessories and jewelry holders (Founder Tracey McGhee)
  • Paume: Eco-friendly travel hand sanitizer that’s good for your skin and smells great (Founder Amy Welsman)
  • Redbudsuds: Clean hair & body products for travel (Owner Aubrey Miller)
  • Save the Girls: Phone wallets and handbags with touchscreen components (Founder Tami Lange)
  • The Travel Bra: Bras with secret pockets (Founder Dr. Annie Holden)
  • Thinx: Reusable period underwear (Co-Founders Antonia Saint Dunbar, Miki Agrawal, and Radha Agrawal) – see also Knix, Saalt for alternatives
  • Tonik Cycling: Women’s cycling apparel (Founder Kristina Vetter)
  • Waypoint Goods: Infinity scarves and other travel accessories (Founder Caitlin Blythe)
  • ZoeGoes: 6-Piece sustainable capsule wardrobe for travel (Founder Karyn Pettigrew)