Looking for a women’s travel group for connection and a like-minded community? You came to the right place! Wanderful is a women’s travel community that connects travelers all around the globe. We aim to make travel easier for all women.

At Wanderful, we believe that money should never be a barrier to education and community. That’s why every time someone purchases one of our Traveler or Creator memberships, we sponsor a free one-year membership for someone else in need.

Twice annually (every June and December), we award scholarships to women who have applied. These scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis so make sure you apply for your scholarship early!

If you can’t afford to join Wanderful, apply below to be added to our waitlist. If you’re accepted, we’ll email you after our next biannual deadline has passed.

We ask that you only apply if you are truly in need. Our waitlists are long and we hope to be able to sponsor those for whom this would be a genuine financial burden.

Scholarships will be awarded to recipients at Wanderful’s discretion. Applicants must select only one and may not apply for both scholarships. Scholars will be notified of their acceptance within one month after the deadline has passed.

Looking for a Women’s Travel Group?

Are you a woman who loves to travel? A woman for whom travel is a part of who you are? Or perhaps you’re a travel content creator who blogs, shares videos, and fosters a community through social media and beyond.

Whatever your interest in joining a women’s travel group, Wanderful is here for you.

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Our global community reaches more than 45,000 women all around the world. Through virtual and in-person events, conferences, festivals, community trips, and more, we get together over a shared love of travel and its positive impact.

Wanderful also works to make the travel industry more equitable. We highlight women’s voices as creators and entrepreneurs and we advocate for more inclusive travel marketing.

You might know Wanderful as the creators of the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit, a leading industry event for content creators and brands. We’re also the creators of the Bessie Awards, which honor women of impact in the travel industry.

We represent women shaping the future of travel through creative enterprises with our Women Travel Creators Facebook group, and act as a safe space to help women perfect their craft through the Wanderful Creator community.

Whether you’re a travel lover or a travel creator, you belong here.

About Our Traveler Membership

Connect with other travel-loving women, join virtual events like language circles and mindfulness sessions, take advantage of special deals and discounts, and get free access to in-person chapter events worldwide.

Wanderful’s Traveler membership is perfect for women who think and breathe all things travel. Chat with like-minded women all around the world to share stories, ask questions, offer tips, and maybe even find a travel buddy!

From our members-only online portal to our in-person events and trips, Wanderful members love to connect and talk travel across age groups, experiences, and borders.

Screenshot of many women during a virtual event with Wanderful, a women's travel group + community

About Our Creator Membership

For our content creator community, we have an upgraded membership that includes everything in the Traveler membership and more. You’ll get access to resources to help build your community, insight to enhance your content, and opportunities for meaningful partnerships with brands.

From monthly mastermind circles to small-group coaching sessions and a full community to tap into that’s interested in your type of content, Creator membership with Wanderful can open countless doors!

Creator members also get discounts on our creator-only events, including our North American and European WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit.

Join Wanderful by Writing for Us!

That’s right, you can join Wanderful by contributing to this very blog! Pitch us a story and, if we decide to run it, you’ll get a free year of traveler membership upon publication.

If you’re a content creator, that means you can just pay for the upgraded membership and skip the scholarship queue. And for those who aren’t creators, then you’re all set with the Traveler membership!

Take a look at our pitch guidelines for all the details.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join our women’s travel group and become part of our global sisterhood! We can’t wait to welcome you.

Looking for travel inspiration? Wanderful is a global community for travel-loving women. Connect with us!