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Harassment. Pollution. Feminism.

In 2014 Go Girl took on some tough issues.

The Renaissance Fair. Party hostels. Epic blizzards. Road trips.

In 2014 Go Girl took on the fun stuff.

Our amazing team of writers travels, explores, muses, leaps, sails, pauses, and pens every month so that you can feel like you’re adventuring too. This time of turning over an old year and beginning a new one is the perfect moment to take a look back at the pieces we published in 2014.

In case you missed them (or you can’t wait to read them again), here’s our year in review: a sampling of the content Go Girl brought to you!

Travel Tips

1. Not a fan of long-haul flights? Find yourself becoming anxious at the thought of any long-term travel? Check out Go Girls Present: Long-Haul Flight Survival Tips, culled from some experienced Go Girls.

2. Do you love to travel but fear the impact all that moving around might have on the environment and the places you visit? Morgan provides a quick list of 5 Product Choices for More Sustainable Travels.

3. A simple, do-it-yourself tincture can potentially make a really positive impact on your health. Why give up your good habits on the road? Make a Cheap and Easy Winter Travel Tincture all on your own!

4. On a trip from New York City to Charleston, Sam found herself plotting her progress in terms of meals. Are you a big breakfast fan? She’s got recommendations you don’t want to miss.

5. Tokyo, Japan is a hectic place. At least you have coffee. Sammi illustrates four places to have a cup and relax amidst the chaos. Don’t have a moment to sit? There’s always the Motoya Espresso Express.


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6. Love navigating sticky floors in heels at 3 AM? Happy to hear bass thumping through thin walls? A party hostel may be the place for you. If not, you might want to stay elsewhere.

7. Found yourself dreaming of driving down Highway 1, along the coast of California? Melinda offers four sites and experiences that will make the long drive even more worth your while.

Important Issues

1. Sexual harassment while traveling is, unfortunately, something many women have to deal with. Hannah and Samantha give you tips and share personal experiences that will not only help you, they’ll make you feel less alone.

2. Everyone loves to dole out advice. What’s the best way to get around a city? Where can you find the most authentic food? But is all that advice actually helpful? Find out how to give effective travel advice.

3. If you’re not the type for whom adventure calls, any negative traveling experience can be a warning not to leave your house again. How do you know when to hold back and when to push out of your comfort zone?

4. You’re a proud feminist: independent and capable of accomplishing much on your own. What do you do when those values are compromised abroad? Find out How to Be a Feminist and a Respectful Tourist.

5. Chelsea is living in West Africa. She’s also a lesbian. But she’s not sure whether she should come out to her host family. What do you think?


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1. Latvia’s got a lot to offer, some of which you might not have expected. But if ice cream is your thing, these flavors are not to be missed.

2. Ariel introduces a column all about traveling while fat. From fitting in with the thin in France to prepping for a trip, she’s your source for advice and encouragement as a fat traveler.

3. Believe it or not, language learning, especially learning a language like Arabic, has a lot in common with a long-term relationship. Both involve commitment, loyalty, and starting fresh.

4. Never been to a Renaissance Fair? Put it on your list for 2015! Hearty mead and singing bards, skillful archery and shopping for crowns: It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

5. You’ve probably never been in a blizzard like this one. Find out how Anubha made it through the epic blizzard of January 7, 2014. Hint: Twitter helped.


Image from Wikimedia Commons.

From Chicago to Turkey, from Latvia to the coast of California, from the Arctic to Japan, we’ve been with you wherever you were in 2014, bringing you interesting, informative articles you can’t wait to share.

And we love hearing from you! Let us know in the comments which of these articles had an impact on you or made your travels a little easier. And happy New Year from Go Girl Travel Network!