Hi readers, my name is Luz Garcia-Pennock.

At Go Girl, I will be your resident coach to questions and discussions on life voyage and labor of love, a.k.a. what you do for a living.

Let me share about me so we get acquainted.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I love polka dots, bows, and creating jewelry!  Rescuing dogs is a must in my bucket list as well.

I have a Bachelor’s in nutritional science and an MBA.  Along with my formal education, life has given me tons of lessons from living in converted garages, to seeing what a single big decision can do when not connected with faith and love, to owning up to the fact that I don’t thrive working as an employee in a corporate setting. I am to work for myself.

One of my missions in life is to support women to live a life and labor (career or business life) that you are in love with.  To talk with women who are authentically, happily, and boldly living life is like watching a well performed ballerina dance. 

My labor of love is Lovely Gal Posh, which is my women development and coaching biz where I support women to a beautiful life and labor of love voyage.  I accomplish this beaming mission via one-on-one coaching and group development sessions.

Have you ever had that, “oh snap,” moment? That moment in time when it feels like you are having an out-of-body experience…where you question your life purpose or what you are doing for a living or whether you are enjoying your life? I am your girl for life callings, defining moments and journey paving.

To chisel away at your “You” creation with a positive mind set and faithful, loving, and bold actions is oh so beautiful and powerful.

It is important to do so with love, gumption, and in the best interest of you because your life is beautiful and honoring your heart beats is pretty special.

What I mean by honoring you heart beats is to live a mindful and present life; one where you stop listen to your heart beats, then do the happy dance and shake those hips!

I was inspired by a woman who made a critical decision at the age of 49; that was to be her last big decision in life.  This woman decided that she needed to lose weight in a quick way and had gastric bypass surgery.  As they say, “easy come, easy go”! This woman died a few months after this surgery from complications of this surgery.  On her death bed she stated that she wished she had known alternatives.

This woman was my grandma.  She died months before I was born. Her name was Luz and so is mine.  I carry her torch to make a difference in this world to women, people, animals, and planet and I love every second of it.

This woman, Luz Contreras de La Paz, is the wind beneath my wings.   She inspired me that as long as I live, I am to empower women to live their life voyage authentically and in a witty way.  Enjoying life, living in your authentic way, working your gifts, is like dark chocolate or cupcakes for the soul.  Your choice! It is life defining to also make good decisions for your body, mind, and soul. I don’t mean perfect decisions.  I mean weighing your decisions and honoring yourself with these.

Grandma Luz also inspired me in honoring my heart beats through actions packed with presence, faith, love, and intention. Little did she know that she was to infuse her story among many women to empower witty decisions!

Be still for a minute, and hold your left hand over your right hand and embrace yourself in this moment of life. Now place your left thumb right at the base before the palm of your right hand.  Be in total silence and feel your heart beat from those veins.  It’s quite special, huh? This calls for a moment of grace.  Now give kudos to yourself for the journey you have lived and for what you are yet to create.

I look forward to get to know you and engage in topics that serve you in your life and labor of love voyage.

Bring it on girls! Post a greeting note! How can I support your life voyage?