After working with a brand on a campaign, influencers can stay connected to ideally get more work in the future. Stay top-of-mind with these easy ways to keep in touch!

I started working with influencers at Hostelling International USA (HI USA) over 7 years ago, when it was just bubbling up as a strategic opportunity for brands to get their name into the spotlight.

As an early adopter, I’ve seen the evolution of this sector first hand and built HI USA’s influencer relations strategy from the ground up.

What started as an informal exchange of a blog post for a free night to stay has morphed into detailed contracts, creative activations, and thorough campaign reporting.

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I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, the unique value influencers hold, the importance of accountability, and that it’s the small things that make a big difference.

Each month I get an influx of collaboration requests and I move forward with more than two dozen each year. More importantly, when I find an influencer I like, I use them again and again…except when I forget about them.

With so many influencers in my pipeline (plus all my other responsibilities), I find it easy to forget even the good ones – unless they make an effort to keep in touch.

If you’ve just finished a killer campaign and you want to stay on your client’s radar for future opportunities, a few small outreach efforts are all it takes to stay top of mind.

Here are 10 ways my favorite collaborators have kept our ties strong over the years, which you can replicate with brands you love.

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Easy Ways Influencers Can Stay Connected with Brands

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1. Make an introduction

I love it when influencers make my life easier!

It’s a huge bonus when someone I worked with takes the initiative to introduce me to another influencer who aligns with our brand. It saves me a lot of work and isn’t soon forgotten.

2. Send a postcard

It makes my day to receive a postcard from an influencer, knowing they are thinking about me from across the world and that they took the time to write and send it.

3. Write a holiday card

In a sea of mass-produced, template holiday cards, a handwritten note stands out amongst the crowd.

And I’ve been known to keep those on my desk, as I also take pride in the relationships I’ve built!

4. Comment on social media

I get really excited when I see a spontaneous, public comment on social media from an influencer I’ve worked with in the past.

It lets me know they are more than a third party on the payroll: they are a genuine brand advocate. I’m much more likely to work with them again in the future because of that.

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5. Include an extra blog post mention

There’s nothing better than receiving an email with a link to an article where your brand is mentioned.

It’s always a welcome surprise when influencers work my company into an additional piece, just because they think it’s a good fit.

This small action also helps me secure budget dollars for future campaigns, because it’s evidence that influencer collaborations are more than just a one-time transaction.

6. Ask for a quote

In addition to cross-promoting brands in various blog posts, an “expert” quote from one of your clients is also a great way to stroke their ego while giving them additional exposure.

I know I’m always happy to give my opinion!

7. Ask for a case study

Including a client in a case study for your media kit is free advertising for the brand. I will always accept this ask even if I have to spend a few minutes crunching numbers or writing a narrative.

It’s also flattering for the organization, so don’t be afraid to ask.

8. Leverage conferences

Travel influencer conferences, in particular, are a great excuse to reach out to a client.

I usually get a handful of inquiries if I will be attending or exhibiting at WITS, for example, which is a great opportunity to meet one-on-one and build a personal relationship.

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9. Arrange a meetup

If a conference isn’t in the cards, I’ve had so much fun going out to lunch or coffee with influencers who are passing through town.

The informal setting allows a chance for honest dialogue about what we’re both working on, our pain points, and to brainstorm how we can work together.

This is how influencers transition from a business contact to a friend, which is the fastest way to make my shortlist!

10. Send an email to check in

A simple email to say hi and check in about any current or upcoming projects is always welcome. It helps me keep the influencer on my radar and lets me know they’re invested in our relationship.

While there’s no formula for how long is the right amount of time before reconnecting, you want to make sure it feels natural.

Your contact shouldn’t sense your Outlook reminder went off and now you’re sending an obligatory email!

Overall, just keep your client on your radar with some simple relationship management and they’ll be sure to keep you on theirs. Repeat work is ideal for both sides when the brand-influencer relationship is maintained.

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