If you’re anything like us here at Go Girl, you might be spending this time of year fantasizing about a fabulous holiday getaway — or maybe you’ve already booked that ticket to whisk yourself away once the season of giving is over!

Whatever your future or current travel plans may be, the Go Girl team has once again come through with our 2014 holiday gift guide — the best of the best for a globetrotter near you. And, of course, where would we be without some lovely goodies to give away to our selfless gift-givers too?!

The Giveaway

We’re teaming up again with our friends at Uncommon Goods, a Brooklyn-based shop that makes handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment (in fact, 30% of their gifts incorporate recycled and/or upcycled materials — not bad!). Uncommon Goods was kind enough to donate three special prizes we’re featuring for you today (or find other great stocking stuffers here). See below for details on how to win!

But First — The List

Not sure what to get your favorite travel-loving woman this holiday season? Looking for a little somethin’-somethin’ for yourself? This list has new gadgets, dreamy desires, and tried-and-true favorites for every globally minded woman on your list — plus direct links so you can find them for yourself online.


The Goods


1. Herb Lester Associates’ Illustrated Maps


We know that you could never get sick of Go Girl, but have you had it with those other travel resources routing you to the same tourist traps again and again?  Grab one of Herb Lester Associates’ illustrated maps.  Shipped worldwide from London, the guides highlight quirky locales from Barcelona to Tokyo and everywhere in-between.  New York’s “Doughnut Map” even comes in grease-proof packaging: now that’s ingenuity. £8, herblester.com [Ann]

2. David’s Tea – The Tea Passport


The perfect gift for a tea-loving Go Girl to remember her favorite journeys or plan some new ones with! This tea kit includes eight exotic loose teas from around the world, from Coco-Lemon Thai white tea to Cinnamon Heart pu’ERH. David’s Teas are created to be visually attractive as well as tasting & smelling delicious, so it’s a great way to indulge multiple senses and memories – and the resealable bags make them easy to travel with, too! $25, davidstea.com  [Joanna]

3. Scratch Map

Are you a goal-oriented Go Girl?  Do you have a “travel bucket list” you’re rapidly working your way through?  Simply have a lot of coins lying around you’d like to put to good use? Then grab Uncommon Goods’ scratch-off map (either the continental U.S. or globe version) and get scratching! $20, uncommongoods.com [Ann]

 4. Deep Steep Solid Moisture Stick


Frequent travel wreaks havoc on skin, and if you need a lot of moisturizer, liquid regulations for carry-on luggage can be a let-down. Fortunately, Deep Steep’s Solid Moisture Stick comes to the rescue. A little of this product goes a long way, and it’s small enough to toss in a purse and keep on hand during a flight. You can even use it as a lip balm and a hair de-frizzer. It comes in many scents, but check out the lavender-chamomile for a little luxury. $6, deepsteep.com [Vanessa]


5. Inflatable Footrest

T_WithoutZoomYou don’t need to be an aging and decrepit traveler of the world to appreciate this simple but effective inflatable footrest from TravelSmith.com. It can be whipped out of your travel bag and blown up within seconds to give you the perfect solution to aching legs and travel-weary trotters, no matter where you happen to be.  $19, travelsmith.com [Kate]

6. Aroamas


Have you ever opened your suitcase after a long trip only to find your clothes soaked in perfume?  Or maybe you’ve been too nervous to bring that nice bottle of Chanel with you on a plane ride and figured you’d just have to go without it for a few days? Aromas are an incredibly useful solution to a problem I’ve experienced only too often. They’re solid perfume sticks that you can throw in your bag, smooth onto your skin before going out, and appreciate well into the evening. And they come in a bunch of great-smelling flavors, too! $8, myaroamas.com [Beth]

7. Chewable Toothpaste Tablets

T_WithoutZoom (1)

So who hasn’t scrimped a little on hygiene when they’ve been exploring the furthest corners of the globe? Go Girls know what it’s like when hot showers become a distant memory and wet wipes become your best friend. But our gnashers are a whole different matter; we all like the sensation of a clean mouth, and what better way to achieve this when travelling than with Archtek’s lightweight and affordable chewable toothpaste tablets. Say goodbye to leaky tubes and grubby brushes, and say hello to clean teeth and fresh breath! $7, travelsmith.com [Kate]

8. Urban Gridded Jewelry

SN.AUSNeed a new idea for memorializing a favorite trip beyond the digital photo explosion? The modern, graphic lines that demarcate these necklaces make them professional enough to be worn to a 9am business meeting and still eye-catching enough to grab your date’s attention and set you rattling off an hour-long story of your latest adventure. $40, shop.aminimalstudio.com [Ann]


9. Eddie Bauer Travex 3/4 sleeve Balance Dress


This may just be the perfect travel dress. Its sleeves and knee-length skirt keep it demure enough for a business meeting, but the v-neckline and a-line shape also make it twirly enough for a night of dancing. The combination of 3/4 sleeves and a lighter-weight SPF-treated fabric means it’s a good thickness for layering or for wearing on its own in a warmer climate. As it packs up tiny and wrinkle free, as well as being affordable, this is one Little Black Dress I definitely want in my travel wardrobe! $80, eddiebauer.com [Joanna]

10. ExOfficio Moisture-Wicking Undiesexofficio

No one likes to talk about sweat and body odor and all such functions that remind us that we’re basically just animals with passports.  So, when you’re shopping for travel undies, look into ExOfficio’s line. Their pieces are colorful, lacy, and girly, which will help you forget that you actually bought them for their moisture-wicking and odor-fighting properties that would keep you from scaring off fellow hikers on your next trip through the Grand Canyon. From $13, exofficio.com [Ann]


11. Foldable Tieks

cobalt_foldedIt’s a classic packing dilemma: You want to pack light but also look nice. It all comes down to shoes. How many can you reasonably cram into your luggage? I’ve solved this dilemma with Tieks. Tieks are fold-up ballet flats –with a difference.  Made of handstiched Italian leather with a substantial sole, they’re impeccably made and very comfortable. I love the wide range of gorgeous colors and prints (I have clover green!). Leather not your thing? They even have vegan-friendly options! From $175, tieks.com [Vanessa]

12. Pick-Pocket Proof Pants


ClothingArts’ pick-pocket proof pants have an extra pocket lining that helps keep pick-pockets from snatching a wallet or other belongings too quickly. Plus, the pants themselves are incredibly versatile, made of nylon and able to be cropped into capris. Definitely a must when spending time outdoors or in crowded areas. $100, clothingarts.com [Beth]

13. Mini Digital Luggage Scale


If you’ve ever been caught with overweight baggage and unable to afford to pay the fees, you’ll know how embarrassing it can be to have to root through all of your belongings in front of what feels like the entire population of the airport. Not wanting to leave anything behind, you try and squeeze your feet into two pairs of shoes, make yourself look like the Michelin Man while wearing four jackets, and pull a skirt over the top of your trousers, and that’s before you’ve even thought about what you can shove in your pockets and down your knicker legs! With these mini digital scales from TravelSmith, all of the guesswork is taken out of packing, and who knows, you just might be able to pack the kitchen sink after all! $29, travelsmith.com [Kate]

14. Mophie Power Pack


My biggest worry as a travel writer is being stranded in a foreign country, on a bumpy overnight bus, with no juice in my electronics.  I need my power! Fortunately, a portable Mophie Power Pack has put my concerns to rest. Mophies come in many different forms, sizes, and capacities, but I love the Powerstation Pro. It’s built to take abuse, can charge a wide variety of devices, and holds enough power to recharge my iPhone and iPad several times when regular charging facilities aren’t available. $100, mophie.com [Vanessa]


Enter to Win Some Amazing Prizes

Ready for some great prizes to treat yourself this holiday season? Just visit the comments section below and share an item (on this list, somewhere else online, or completely imaginary, go wild!) that you think female travelers would love as a gift for the holidays, and you could win one of these Uncommon Goods gifts for women! Make sure you’re logged in on Disqus so you can be contacted with your prize — winners will be chosen on December 19th!


Jogi iPad Case – 1st Prize

The unique patchwork design of this iPad case is handmade under Fair Trade practices by the Jogi, an ancient Indian community brought together by the daily ritual of Yoga.








Kantha Scarf – 2nd Prize


Upcycled in Darjeeling, India under fair trade conditions, these lovely scarves feature patchwork arrang
ements of richly patterned saris hand stitched together with others to create a lovely pastiche. The sari swatches are then united with bright, ticked kantha stitching, a crafting technique passed down for generations. Handmade in India from 100% upcycled materials.


bikeBike Chain Luggage Tag — 3rd Prize

For all the times you can’t travel by bike, mark your luggage with tags handmade from recycled bike parts. Comes with a durable paper contact info label and 6″ steel wire fastener. Handmade by Graham Bergh and his team of gifted artisans in Mosier, Oregon.



What’s your dream travel gift? Share below to win!