Adventure travel for women can be empowering, liberating, and exhilirating! Get all the tips you need from our outdoor travel experts on hiking, backpacking, camping, glamping, and more.

Getting outdoors can be one of the best ways to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re new to outdoor adventures, it can also feel a little intimidating to hit the trails or set up camp on your own.

But adventure travel doesn’t have to be a grand escape to far-flung lands!

You can push yourself out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself and learning new skills right in your own backyard.

From hiking and backpacking to camping and glamping, travel adventures can look different to everyone. Whatever interests you, get the tips you need to gain confidence and get outdoors!

We brought outdoor adventure experts together to share their tips at the Wanderful Woman Summit. This free event was all about travel in this new world and the ways we can adapt and stay safe.

And getting outdoors is certainly a very popular way to travel right now!

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These outdoor travel experts offered ample insight into getting outdoors safely and confidently. Hear from Preethi Chandrasekhar of The Eager Traveler, Lauren Gay of Misadventures of an Outdoorsy Diva, and Allison Boyle of She Dreams of Alpine.

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    Adventure Travel for Women

    The outdoors starts at your own front door, so don’t feel like you need to strike out into the wilderness all alone in order to call yourself an adventurer!

    There are local, state, and national parks all around you, wherever you are in the world.

    There are lakes and rivers, waterfalls and oceans in every direction.

    Plenty of small hills and lots of flatter trails can surely be found nearby, if you just start looking.

    Whatever level of confidence you have in getting outdoors, these tips from our outdoor travel experts will help you launch off into nature to get all the amazing benefits of being outside!

    Use Nature as Healing Therapy

    Being in nature has a way of healing us. Connecting with the sea, with the wilderness, and just being in green spaces can help us heal all variety of turmoil.

    Use nature as a form of therapy for yourself. It’s a place to disconnect, to be with your own thoughts, to push your physical limits — if you want to do so.

    Whatever stresses you have from daily life can be balanced out by time spent in nature.

    Whether you’res stressed at work or going through a life-changing time, nature can calm you and help you find the right balance for yourself.

    Whatever helps you to feel grounded and powerful is a good place to be!

    Listen to our travel experts to hear how nature helped each of them through tough times.

    Staying Safe in the Outdoors

    Staying safe outdoors can take on a lot of different ideas.

    Right now, being outside is one of the safest ways to explore! Take advantage and push yourself to try new things.

    Social distancing is certainly easier in the great outdoors. Of course, there are very popular places that are attracting massive crowds.

    Try to avoid those busy spots that everyone is going to — drive a little bit farther and get to lesser-known spots. Check out local parks and conservation areas instead of heading to the popular ones.

    Don’t get caught up in thinking the popular sites and trails are the “only” adventure travel options out there. Seek out quiet spaces on your own. Explore parks and viewpoints that are new to you. Leave that FOMO behind!

    Hiking, camping, and simply enjoying nature can be wonderful ways to travel right now.

    That said, staying safe as a woman in adventure travel means doing the research and preparation in advance.

    –> Get ALL the tips from our travel experts at the Wanderful Woman Summit (for free!!) so you can travel safely and confidently.

    Of course, making sure you hydrate is so important! Have enough water with you and a way to capture more as needed. That could be a bottle or a camelpack, or something along those lines.

    –> Top safety tip: Check the weather. This is such a vital safety tip. Check the weather up until the minute you leave. Knowing the elements you might be facing is of utmost importance.

    And, remember, the weather can shift quickly in more mountainous areas! It’s a good idea to consult local experts if you’re unfamiliar with the local weather patterns.

    And, also, having rain gear with you at all times is a really great idea, no matter the weather reports.

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    Adventure Travel Options for Overnight Stays

    Camping, glamping, RVs, campervans, and more! There are so many options for staying overnight during your outdoor adventures.

    If you’re just getting started with outdoor recreation, you might want to opt for an actual room to stay in after a day of outdoor adventures. It’s a nice balance to being outside more while maintaining some amentiies.

    That might be an Airbnb or a B&B, or even a hotel room. Some national parks have those types of options available for you!

    If you’re getting a little more outdoorsy, consider a campervan or an RV. That’s a crossover from having a stationary room to having one on wheels! You’ll also be able to cook and have your own bathroom, too.

    Considering camping? You can pitch a tent at registered campsites, but make sure you book in advance right now.

    –> Top tip: In some countries, like Scotland, you can even wild camp! That means you can pitch a tent on any land where you’re not imposing or causing a problem.

    The key to camping of any kind is being respectful of nature and the environment. Do not leave any trace! Take all your trash with you and be respectful.

    Find out what happened when Lauren went camping in Yellowstone National Park and chickened out!

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    Building Confidence & Finding Inspiration

    Find your inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. Follow women who are doing what you want to do and take their advice!

    –> Top tip: Start by following our women’s adventure travel experts! Get their details right here.

    Adventure travel for women looks however you want it to look. All body shapes and sizes, all races and backgrounds — the great outdoors is for everyone.

    If you’re feeling nervous, find a group to join first before heading out on your own. Get guidance and build your confidence before heading out solo.

    –> Top tip: If you’re going hiking or cycling, you should check out the AllTrails app to know the level of difficulty for any trail.

    Wherever you’re going hiking or trekking, it’s important to know the trail details so you’re adequately prepared.

    Each region will have its own resources, so be sure to do your research in advance if you’re heading overseas or even to other areas of your own country.

    And take advantage of park rangers’ expertise!

    Parks and conservation areas will — at the very least — have websites and social media channels to keep you updated on current issues or concerns. You could also speak to someone in person at park entrances or visitor centers, where available.

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    How to Pack for Women’s Adventure Travel

    Packing cubes are vital!

    You certainly don’t want to be digging through a giant bag to find the one thing you need. And you definitely don’t want to overpack if you’re carrying this on a long hike or trek.

    –> Top tip: Women in the outdoors! You may want to look into funnels so you can more comfortably go whenever nature calls. Funnels are widely available and present a great solution to relieving yourself al fresco.

    Knowing what to pack can be really hard if you’re new to being outdoors. Start learning by following a more seasoned backpacker and getting their packing lists — they’re really common!

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    Packing right also means you’re staying safe. For example, make sure you’re getting

    • the right footwear (that means socks, too!)
    • an extra cell phone battery pack
    • paper maps and safety information (don’t rely on cell phone service)
    • waterproof bags for those papers
    • a headlamp
    • warm, weatherproof gear
    • and so on…

    Being prepared with the gear you need to be safe and comfortable is so important.

    There are plenty of packing lists available for you to check and double-check based on where you’re going, what you’re doing, and what your level of experience might be.

    Seek out an activity- or destination-specific packing list if you’re still feeling unsure.

    –> Top tip: Adventure travel for women means getting gear specifically designed for women, too. The right backpack to fit your body will make a world of difference on a long trek!

    Know You’ll Make Mistakes

    Know that, especially if you’re an adventure travel beginner, you’ll make mistakes. And that’s okay!

    A good idea is to do a test run with a shorter hike or a one-night backpacking trip before jumping into more involved adventures.

    There’s no need to head hundreds or thousands of miles from home! Remember, adventure can be found right in your own backyard.

    In fact, it’s a great idea to practice pitching your tent in the backyard!

    That way, if a sudden rainstorm rolls in during your trip, you won’t be fumbling around trying to figure it out as you — and ALL your gear — get soaked.

    Speaking of gear, test out all of your gear and know what you might need or not need. Make sure you know how to use everything and ensure it all suits your activity’s needs.

    Finding yourself a mentor is a great idea to get started with outdoor adventures.

    But then start learning those skills to navigate and to protect yourself in various situations. Gaining that confidence will make your adventures so much more meaningful — and fun!

    Seeking a women’s travel community to help you build that confidence? Come join us at Wanderful!

    Women Training for Adventure Travel

    If you’re planning a big adventure trip, you’ll want to make sure you’re physically prepared for it!

    A long hiking trip requires appropriate training, just like training for a marathon.

    You might not be able to replicate altitude at home, nor air conditions (especially important for anyone with asthma), but you can get your body ready for the type of activity you’ll be doing.

    Training is a serious activity for bigger outdoor adventures! Don’t overlook this part. Being unprepared can be really dangerous.

    If this adventure is especially out of your comfort zone, you’ll want a 6 – 8 week plan to properly train.

    –> Listen to the experts chat about the importance of a training program and how you can get started at home.

    Adventure travel for women is not just a singular experience! Tell us what it’s like for you to be outdoors.

    Wanderful Woman Summit: Get all the tools you need to travel safely and confidently.